The District is committed to ensuring that every student in every classroom is engaged in learning environments designed to strengthen their knowledge, skills, and intellect to ensure success in college, work, and career. We know that helping students thrive academically will require a different approach, and we’ve been preparing for just that. We have leveraged the latest educational research to strengthen instruction and meet the unique learning needs of all of our students, including students with special needs and our English Language Learners by:

  • delivering more evidence-based professional development and coaching for educators to improve their instructional practice
  • intensifying our focus on student-level data to determine where each student is and what specific level of support is needed to grow each student from where they are now to where they need to be to perform at or above grade level
  • improving our instructional guidance and curriculum to ensure it affirms the racial, linguistic, and cultural identities and learning styles of all of our diverse learners

To promote all students having access to engaging, high-quality, grade-level, culturally and linguistically inclusive instruction, we created the Academic Framework. The Academic Framework is an all-inclusive resource that contains content-specific academic expectations and essential practices to support educators in making instructional decisions. The elements of the Academic Framework reinforce the District’s core values and commitment to equitable practices. The Academic Framework has been collaboratively developed in alignment with the Board of Education’s Goals & Guardrails.