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Our goal is to support every student’s academic program. We work with teachers, principals, parents and outside support staff to meet students’ needs and prevent any obstacles that may get in the way of their learning. By enforcing state-mandated immunizations, screenings and safety procedures, our Office makes it easier for everyone to work collaboratively for every District student’s well-being, growth and educational success.


The Philadelphia Department of Health (PDPH), in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Black Doctors COVID Consortium, invites all teenage students to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine at upcoming teen centered events.

Starting May 14th, teenage students can receive the two-dose Pfizer vaccine at teen-led vaccination events taking place at convenient locations throughout Philadelphia. Teens can register themselves and do not need to be accompanied by an adult to receive the vaccine.  See appointment times and register now for the first dose now by selecting a site below!


If I'm a student, do I need my parent's consent to participate?

Students and their parents, guardians or caregivers are encouraged to discuss the decision to get vaccinated together. However, parental consent is not required for teens 16 or older to receive a vaccine.

Are there other times available for me to get the vaccine?

Yes. The Philly Teen Vaxx events are special teen-led events happening for a limited time, however there are many additional vaccination sites around the city where you can receive a vaccine. Please visit the Philadelphia Department of Public Health website to find a vaccination site near you!

What happens if my child’s appointment is during the school day?

If your child is scheduled for a vaccine appointment during the school day and they need to leave a school building prior to dismissal time, they must leave school accompanied by a guardian or a parent.


Is my child excused from school to obtain the vaccination?

Your child will have excused absences for both the first and second vaccination appointments upon emailing, texting, or showing in person the vaccine card received at the vaccination site to the teacher. This proof will be given to the secretary to reconcile attendance as excused.


What should I bring to my appointment?

We recommend bringing a personal ID and something to secure or protect your vaccination card.

What happens if I am late for my appointment?

We recommend arriving to your appointment on time. Wait times may be extended if you are late, however you will still be able to receive your vaccine as long as you arrive before closing.

Can I bring a friend or family member who does not have a scheduled appointment?

Yes. We recommend scheduling an appointment, however unscheduled friends and family members may be able to receive the vaccine depending on supply.

What if my child experiences side effects from the vaccination and does not feel well enough to attend school the next day?

A student who experiences any vaccine associated side effects like fever, headache or fatigue which result  in the inability to attend school the day following vaccination will have an excused absence upon providing a note within 3 days as is the policy.


Protect Your Family by Storing Medicine in Your Home Safely

In an effort to decrease the number of accidental deaths and near deaths in children due to drug ingestion, the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS), in partnership with DBHIDS and the Health Department asks that parents/guardians keep opioids and all medicines locked away and out of reach of children.

Learn More about medicine safety and how you can protect your family.

Mercedes Gutierrez MD, MPH
Student Health Administrator
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Medical Officer
School District of Philadelphia
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Special Project Assistant-School Health Services
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Program Manager-Eagles Charitable Foundation
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