Travel Reimbursement

Employees are reimbursed for travel expenses incurred within and outside of the city of Philadelphia in accordance with the School District of Philadelphia’s employee expense reimbursement travel policy. Travel within 150 miles (one-way) is considered routine. Anything greater than 150 miles is considered out-of-town. When traveling out-of-town, employees must use the School District of Philadelphia’s official travel agency.

Effective 1/1/2024:

The standard mileage rate for business travel for the year 2024 when using your personal vehicle is .67 cents per mile. 

The standard rate for meals when traveling out of town on official District business is as follows: Breakfast $18.00 Lunch $20.00 Dinner $36.00

Other expenses while traveling out-of-town:

  • Telephone costs in the conduct of official business are reimbursable. Personal calls home are reimbursable up to $5.00 per trip with receipts
  • Valet expenses (dry cleaning, laundering) and other such personal expenses are NOT reimbursable
  • Reasonable tips for carrying luggage will be allowed
  • Use of a rental car is not reimbursable unless it can be shown that it was essential in the conduct of the official business and/or in the best interest of the School District
  • Approval for use of a rental car must be secured in advance of travel on Form SEH-194

Inter-City travel is NOT allowed except as follows:

  • Emergency situation
  • Conference
    • Member of committee
    • Make presentation
    • Required by granter
  • Student sports teams, school competition or student learning
  • Safety training
  • Professional certifications
  • Participation in the legislative process


In Town:

  • Employees complete SEH-195 form and obtains necessary approval before processing.
  • Requests are date stamped, audited, reviewed, and processed within 5 days of receipt.
  • Reimbursements are processed for payment via the payroll module and added to the employee’s next paycheck.

Out of Town:

  • Employee completes Travel Authorization¬†SEH194- AP¬†to receive an estimated 80% of trip cost PRIOR to the trip date.
    • Employee cannot have any outstanding travel advances.
  • Employee must complete a SEH-195 form within 2 weeks of returning from the trip.
    • If employee fails to complete SEH-195, the funds will be recovered in the following pay cycle.
  • Reimbursements are processed for payment via the payroll module and added to the employee’s next paycheck.