Posted on May 9, 2023
Categories: Teacher of the Month

Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to honor such a stellar teacher, Mrs.Muc (aka Kat), ELA Teacher at Jenks Academy for Arts & Sciences.  As we surprised Mrs. Muc, the excitement, and love that her students poured out spoke volumes of the impact she’s had in the lives of our young people. Her colleagues praised and thanked her for a job well done.

According to her nominator and 2023 Lindback Award Winner,” Dana McNeal, Kat is student-focused, and it shows.” Mrs. Muc is the teacher who is the last to leave out of the building because she’s busy curating lessons and reflecting on previous lesson plans. She is always thinking about and working on ways to deliver or enhance instruction for her students. She is dedicated to finding ways to maximize her students’ learning and she goes above and beyond to make it happen. Mrs. Muc actively encourages students to build on their strengths and passions. She takes the time to get to know her students and is genuinely interested in their passions. She does whatever she can to support them. Even when they leave her class, she continues to support them in their endeavor. She not only is dedicated to creating and delivering instruction that interests her students, but she is an advocate for them. She represents the students’ voices at PLC weekly and is fearless when speaking on their behalf.

Mrs. Muc thinks “outside of the box” and takes initiative. She networks with other teachers and community members and has helped to organize career day for students, and library visits to the local library. Mrs.Muc is also collaborative and team-focused. She’s the middle school teacher who helps all of her colleagues be better. When concerns/issues occur, she’s the one opening up those conversations with administrators and parents. When school events arise, she is the teacher who volunteers and encourages other teachers, community members, and parents to attend. It shows in everything she does from being the volleyball coach, yearbook leader, 8th-grade advisor, teacher, mentor, and friend and confidante for many students and staff.

Everything that she does is for the students. She loves them and it shows in everything she does. Thank you Mrs. Muc for being the excellent teacher that you are – we appreciate your dedication and hard work. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!