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Thank you for coming to the District’s Bullying and Harassment website

We take reports of bullying and/or harassment very seriously.  In an effort to be as responsive as possible we have created a centralized reporting form.  This system ensures a consistent, immediate response and allows for collection of data to further inform our decision making.

While an immediate response is important, our focus is on preventing these incidents and their impact on our students.  We are here to offer answers, support and guidance in dealing with concerns of bullying and harassment in our schools.


How to Report Bullying & Harassment Concerns


Defining Bullying & Harassment

Ensure the concern is truly bullying or harassment, by the District's definition


Fill out the Report Bullying & Harassment Form

A simple form will help us understand your concern


7 Days

We promise to be back in touch within 7 school days


Response from School

Our response to your concern will be provided and next steps will be outlined

Last modified: October 3, 2018