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Mastery Charter School at Cleveland

Mastery Charter School at Cleveland


“All students learn the academic and personal skills they need to be truly prepared for postsecondary success and able to pursue their dreams.”


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Academic Highlights

English/Language Arts
Instruction is common-core aligned so students can become successful readers of complex text and become successful communicators. They experience reading through independent and supportive instruction. Students talk and write frequently about a variety of texts that are interesting and culturally relevant. They are reading with purpose, reflecting upon reading skills and using prior knowledge. Students in grades K-3 have access to small group instruction throughout the school day. K-2 Special Education classrooms are co-taught.

Over a 90 minute period, students build fluency, conceptual knowledge and individual application to a rigorous math curriculum. During these classes students are able to construct meaning and develop deep understanding for the content, reason abstractly and quantitatively, construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others and engage in productive struggle.

Science (3-4, 6, 8)
Our science approach is inquiry-based to ensure students use their hands and minds to experience science in order to develop their own understanding. Students have multiple opportunities to revise ideas and collaborate. Data is gathered to drive student learning and engagement is fostered by intentionally connecting science to their lives.

Character Education
Core values of kindness, responsibility, respect, teamwork, and hard work are the foundation of our school culture.

Course Offerings

Art, Health, Music, Physical Education,

Extracurricular Activities

Track and Field, Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Book Club, Cake Decorating, Cheerleading, Double Dutch, Drama, Fitness Training, Girls Club, Lego Club, Math Club, Mural Arts, Running Club, Video Gaming


  • Annual Charter Evaluation (ACE)
    Developed annually by the Charter Schools Office (CSO) for all Philadelphia brick-and-mortar charter schools (except those up for renewal), these reports provide information on three main areas of charter school performance: academic success, organizational compliance and viability, and financial health and sustainability.
    2017 | 2015
  • Notices
    Notices of Deficiency are issued to schools regarding significant instances of non-compliance or poor performance that may affect student well-being or access. Notices of Deficiency clarify actions schools must take in order to resolve the deficiency.
    2017 Status: Pending
  • Annual Independent Financial Audits
    Financial audits are produced annually by independent auditors for all charter schools in Pennsylvania. All charter schools are required to have an independent financial audit completed every year.
    20172016 | 2015 | 2014
  • School Performance Profile (SPP)
    Developed annually by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), these reports provide an overview of student academic performance in every Pennsylvania public school, including traditional District schools, charter schools, cyber charter schools, and career and technology centers. 
  • School Progress Report (SPR)
    Developed annually by the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) for all traditional District and charter schools in the city, these reports provide information on schools’ achievement, progress, climate, and, for high schools, college and career readiness.
    2016-20172015-2016 | 2014-2015 | 2013-2014




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Last modified: April 30, 2018