“To educate each student according to age and development so that learning and growth are united; integrate the developing mind and body of the student through academics and the performing arts and sciences; ensure each student’s excellence in academic skills; awaken and preserve the spirit of our students through the classical arts, science, and technology; nourish this spirit and curiosity so that students continue to flourish long after the end of formal training.”

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Academic Highlights

Arts & Sciences
Our Majors Program enables students to cultivate knowledge and skill in an artistic or academic content area of study. Major courses involve various performing arts, visual arts, digital design, and S.T.E.M. Students spend 90 minutes each day in their Major.

Career and Technical/ Entrepreneurship
We house incubator start-up companies in areas such as coding, fashion, marketing, and gaming; their work is integrated into the school’s curriculum. Additionally, the companies provide internship and entrepreneurial opportunities for our students.

Our school is recognized as an Apple Distinguished School and was selected to produce an education feature for Apple’s website. We are leading the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s move towards writing state standards in curriculum in iTunes U.

Our 5th-12th grade facility promotes project-based learning and interdisciplinary instruction with a motion capture studio, an aquaponics lab, a 200-seat theater, two ballet studios, four science labs, four music studios, two fine arts studios, and an engineering & robotics lab.

Course Offerings

3D Animation, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Broadcast Communication, Coding, Creative Writing, Digital Publishing and Design, Drama, Drawing and Painting, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Film, Fine Arts, French, Innovations In Science, Instrumental Music, Robotics, SAT Prep, STEM, Theatre, Anatomy and Physiology, Earth and Space, Forensics, Sociology, Psychology, African American History, Stories in Society, Advisory, Concert Choir, Game Design, Band, Urban Gardening, Aquaponics, Physics I/II, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Conflict Management, National Honor Society, Yearbook, Environmental Science, Studio Art, App Development, Art Appreciation, Art Portfolio, String Orchestra, Physical Education, Health, Technology, Video Production

Extracurricular Activities

Academic Enrichment, Aftercare, Ambassador’s Club, Anime Club, Art Club, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Chess Team, College Prep Club, Community Service, Cross Country, Environmental Club, Floor Hockey, Jazz Band, Jr. Ballet, Jr. Band, Jr. Chorus, Jr. National Honor Society, Jr. Orchestra, Literary Magazine, National Honor Society, Orchestra, Pennsylvania Math League, Reading Olympics, Rock Band, Science & Robotics Club, Science Olympiad, Slam Poetry Team, Soccer, Softball, Spirit Club, Spoken Word, Stage Crew, String Theory Players, Student Council/Government, Swimming, Talent Show, Tennis, Video Gaming, Volleyball, Workout Club, Yearbook


  • Annual Charter Evaluation (ACE)
    Developed annually by the Charter Schools Office (CSO) for all Philadelphia brick-and-mortar charter schools (except those up for renewal), these reports provide information on three main areas of charter school performance: academic success, organizational compliance and viability, and financial health and sustainability.
    2019 | 2018 (Renewal)2017 | 2016 | 2015
  • Annual Independent Financial Audits
    Financial audits are produced annually by independent auditors for all charter schools in Pennsylvania. All charter schools are required to have an independent financial audit completed every year.
    2018 | 20172016 | 2015 | 2014
  • Future Ready PA Index
    Developed annually by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), these reports provide an overview of student academic performance in every Pennsylvania public school, including traditional District schools, charter schools, cyber charter schools, and career and technology centers. 
  • School Progress Report (SPR)
    Developed annually by the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) for all traditional District and charter schools in the city, these reports provide information on schools’ achievement, progress, climate, and, for high schools, college and career readiness.
    2018-19 (Grades K-8); 2018-19 (Grades 9-12) | Click here to access reports from prior years


  • 2000

    Initial Charter

  • 2004

    Charter Renewed

  • 2009

    Charter Renewed

  • 2012

    Charter Amended, Enrollment increase and grade reconfiguration.

  • 2014

    Charter Renewed

  • 2019

    Renewal Recommended