Office of Data Governance

The Office of Data Governance is one of five offices in the Evaluation, Research, and Accountability (ERA) division, which leads the District’s use of data and evidence to improve outcomes for students. The Office of Data Governance (ODG) establishes good data use practices and ensures the quality and integrity of available data. ODG manages the District’s Data Quality Initiative and Data Quality Tool, which are designed to notify relevant staff when a data quality issue requires attention.

Data Governance at SDP

Data governance is the management of data availability, usability, quality, and security.

Goals for Data Governance

  • To improve data quality, with an emphasis on data used for reporting, impacting funding, student services, and accountability.
  • To create a systematic approach to data validation that supports adoption and sustainability of data ownership throughout the District and a standardization of business rules for error reporting.
  • To provide visibility of data and policy issues to school and District leadership for shared accountability of data quality, policy compliance, and reporting.
  • To optimize operational efficiency and support a culture of data-driven decision making.