Elementary/Middle School Information

The School District of Philadelphia provides families with the opportunity to apply to schools in all grades including Kindergarten. In addition to having the ability to attend a neighborhood school that is outside your catchment, students entering grades 5-8 have several different citywide and special admit* options in our city.

*A special admit middle school is one that has a specialized program, and specific admissions criteria.

To find out more about these schools and the admissions criteria, please click on the school name below.

Academy for the Middle Years (AMY) at Northwest

Alternative Middle Years at James Martin

Carver Middle School for Engineering and Science

Fitler Academics Plus

Conwell, Russell

Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP)

Hamilton – AIMS Magnet Program

Hill-Freedman World Academy

Masterman, Julia

Overbrook Education Center

Science Leadership Academy at Beeber

Science Leadership Academy Middle School (SLAMS)

Once the School Selection Application Process opens again in September 2020; schools, families and students can access the online application to submit requests for the the school or schools you’d most like to attend.  Please be mindful that the Application Process will close in November of 2020 and be for admission in September 2021.. Please keep in mind that if you are applying for Kindergarten, you must complete the application for “Non-District Students.”

Exact Dates & Times .. TBD Activity
September 2020 School Selection Application Window Opens
November 2020 School Selection Application Window Closes
November 2020 to January 2021 Receiving School Evaluate (schools and programs with
admission criteria).
To Be Determined Sending Schools Only: document drop-off at 440 in Suite 111
To Be Determined Receiving Schools Only: document pick up at 440 in Suite 111
January 2021 Conduct lotteries, perform quality control process
January 2021 Initial notifications available! School District students/parents will be able to view their options in student and parent portals. Non-District families will be notified by e-mail.
January 2021 Students and parents review their options and complete the process by choosing the school they wish to attend, online or in person. Students with one or more approvals MUST confirm their final selection, or they risk losing their spot (PLEASE NOTE- Approvals will change to “Decline- No response” if the student does not confirm an acceptance)
January 2021 to February 2021 Schools fill available seats with students from their wait lists
February 2021 Final notifications available in the student and parent portals for school district students and families.

Need to know what your neighborhood school is? Click here to find your school.