Student Voice Equity Model

Posted on August 24, 2021
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Student Voice Pyramid


Being Heard:
  • Give students opportunities to discuss how they experience school in class or through school-wide initiatives (e.g. town halls, morning meetings)
  • Provide students with a system for providing feedback to school leaders regarding school issues, suggestions, and desires (e.g. suggestion box)
  • Allow students multiple means to express their
    perspectives regarding school issues (e.g., through essay, art, dialogue, technology)
Collaborating with Adults:
  • Allow students to opportunities to identify equity issues impacting their educational experiences without adult censorship
  • Give students opportunities to work with adults to learn more about issues they identify
  • Consider all the student-identified issues and work with youth to prioritize which should be included in school reform efforts
  • Collect student data through survey to lead school improvement efforts
Building Capacity for Leadership:
  • Invite students to be actively involved in school improvement meetings
  • Adult facilitators support youth in developing capacities to address the issues they identify (e.g. student government/council/advisory boards)
  • Find ways to actively engage marginalized youth so that they have opportunities to re-engage in their education through leadership opportunities and civic engagement (e.g. youth court, RJ Tier 1 circles, RJ tier 2 mediations)