Compensatory Education

Parents and Guardians,

If your child has been found eligible to receive compensatory education from the School District of Philadelphia, the amount, duration, and extent to which you may utilize compensatory hours will be outlined in your individual Settlement Agreement.

Compensatory hours are intended to be used to provide services and programming as stipulated by the student’s Settlement Agreement. Please contact the compensatory education team at for further information and assistance.

Technology Orders 

  • If you are eligible to purchase technology, please complete the Office Depot OfficeMax Technology Order Form in the Spotlight Section to the right and submit it to  Upon submission, someone from the compensatory education team will review it for approval and ordering.  For more information, please contact the team via email or 215-400-4170 option 2.
  • There are two options for ordering Apple products once pre-approval has been completed:Option 1: Many Apple products can be ordered directly through the District’s Apple Account. Please refer to and complete the Apple Technology Order Form in the Spotlight Section to the right and submit the form to to review for approval and processing. Direct ordering through Apple only includes the following hardware: laptops, desktops, tablets and their associated accessories and Apple Care Plans.Option 2: Order through DSM Services (contact information below).  Once outreach to DSM is complete, DSM will send the District a request to confirm that the order is pre-approved and then it can be fulfilled and the District will be invoiced by DSM Services for the order. Contact Person: Ms. Daryl Mack (

Parent Reimbursements

  • The parent reimbursement and W-9 forms should only be completed after you have received pre-approval to purchase or obtain services.  Pre-approval allows and ensures all funds can be reimbursed. Both the W-9 and parent reimbursement forms can be found in the Spotlight section to the right.
  • Upon receiving re-approval, parents should complete W-9 forms for parent reimbursements and submit directly in PDF to On the W-9 form, complete the following information:
    • Print or type in your name
    • Check off the first box for sole/individual sole proprietor
    • Print or type in the address, city, state, and zip
    • Print or type the social security number
    • Sign your name and add the date

Supplier Information

  • Suppliers, for further information regarding service provision, please contact or 215-400-4170 option 2.
  • Please note: if a supplier does not have an existing invoicing system or format, please use the Invoice Template in the Forms section to the right.