Academy of Continued Education


The vision of ACE is to provide SDP students with the opportunity to overcome temporary barriers to in-person instruction due to illness, injury, medical condition, and/or public health crisis. We will achieve our mission by providing continuity of academic programming in a virtual setting to individual students. Students receive quality learning experiences through grade-level, focused, and adaptive skills support.

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“Providing opportunities for continued growth...”
Virtual Learning Program For Quarantined Learning (Asymptomatic), Homebound, and ELECT Students

About Us

In order to ensure a continuation of academic programming for students who are facing a temporary barrier to in person instruction the Office of Academic Supports (OAS) will provide instructional support through Academic Framework aligned virtual instruction.


Dr. Paulette Gaddy


Dana Gallagher

Stephanie Juris

Angelique Savior

Suzanne Pyun
MY Math/Science


Daylan Bakes
Senior Project Manager


Matthew Crawford
MY ELA/Social Studies

Rialda Shulman
HS ELA/Social Studies

Sherrin Philip

Elizabeth Tracy
K-12 Music


Asia Kilgo-Brooks
Administrative Assistant


Simone Williams
K-12 Art

Tracie Kelley

Kai Gray
Special Education K-12

Who can participate in ACE?

Students experiencing a temporary barrier to in-person instruction for a period of time must be referred to receive support upon approval of homebound, teen parent leave, or in response to a public health crisis.

Specific Information for Homebound Students:

In order for a student to be eligible for ACE, a physician must certify that the student is under medical care for an illness or injury that is acute, catastrophic or chronic in nature and unable to attend school for a period of at least three weeks.

Specific Information for TPLS Students:

The Teen Parent Student Liaison or other approved school staff such as a school nurse, social-worker or counselor shall make all students aware of the services offered through the ELECT program. If students consent, a referral shall be made to the ELECT program by filling out the ACE Student Referral Form. The Teen Parent Student Liaison or other approved staff will also enter data pertaining to students’ parenting status in the Student Information System only after obtaining consent.

In accordance with the SDP health and safety plan, students may be referred and receive academic support in the event of a public health crisis.

Are students instructed by a teacher?

Yes, students are instructed by SDP certified teachers in a Google Classroom.

How are ACE students able to access virtual instruction?

Once ACE has been notified that a student will be joining the program, a welcome email will be sent out to students, families, and the student’s home school that contains a schedule and Google Classroom links to access their virtual classrooms.

Does ACE follow the School District of Philadelphia’s Academic Calendar?

Yes, ACE follows the SDP Calendar.

Who We Serve

The Academy of Continued Education serves all students who are facing a temporary barrier to instruction due to a public health crisis:
  • Created in response to a high number of students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic across the district. Can continue to serve any public health crisis that should arise.
  • Leveraged the use of virtual learning platforms and technology to ensure that students who were COVID positive, but asymptomatic, were given the opportunity to continue to receive standards-based instruction.
  • Provided systems to address opportunity gaps in underserved communities.

The Academy of Continued Education is proud to serve all students who are facing a temporary barrier to instruction due to teen parent leave. This is largely facilitated through our partnership with the ELECT office; however, all who are on TPL are welcome to enroll.

The Academy of Continued Education serves students who are currently facing a temporary barrier to instruction due to their homebound status as per the Office of Student Health Services.