To provide high quality educational programs and supports that prepare, encourage and empower ALL students to achieve their full academic and social potential. Our Network affords students the opportunity for success by assessing their individual needs and providing alternative pathways to graduation.

All Philadelphia students have access to an alternative path to graduation regardless of age, ability or circumstance.

The Opportunity Network recognizes that students have varying needs and learn in different ways. Sometimes circumstances outside of school can make attending a traditional school difficult for some students, while some students thrive in settings that offer specific supports. That’s why the district offers alternative schools and programs designed to help all students succeed academically and graduate ready for college or career.

Each year, 1.2 million students drop out of high school. Research has shown that nearly 40% of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are under-attached or unattached to school or work. Being disconnected from school is even more common if that student lives in an urban setting, is from a low-income family and/or is a member of a minority group. This segment of society, know as Opportunity Youth, is the source of unlimited economic and social potential. Our Back on Track model focuses on preparing these ambitious students for college and career by providing high quality instruction, post-secondary bridging, social supports and skills training.

The Opportunity Network is committed to empowering ALL young people to RE-ENGAGE and ADVANCE, finding college and career pathways that fit their interests and needs. Please explore our website to discover your Pathway to Graduation!