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“Empowering ALL young people to RE-ENGAGE and ADVANCE!”

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The Opportunity Network

The Opportunity Network provides non-traditional/alternative educational options for out-of-school youth, students who are significantly at risk for dropping out, and students who are subject to disciplinary transfer or expulsion. The Opportunity Network offers several different program types, giving students a variety of options for completing their graduation requirements. We put students “Back On Track” towards high school graduation!

The Opportunity Network is committed to empowering ALL young people to RE-ENGAGE and ADVANCE, finding college and career pathways that fit their interests and needs. Please explore our website to discover your “Pathway to Graduation!”

  • Engage Disconnected Youth

    We provide one-on-one counseling to help students find the right fit to meet their education needs.

  • Access to Quality Education

    With 20 different programs, we provide students with multiple options to continue their education.

  • Crossing the Finish Line

    Provide resources and options for students to graduate on-time and with a plan for the future.

  • Planning for the Future

    Each program is built to help students explore post-secondary options and how to achieve those goals.

One-stop-shop for students, families, staff, and community partners looking for re-enrollment opportunities and are excited to help you reach your education goals.

Explore our Accelerated High School programs, as well as Dual Enrollment, Adult Diploma, and Career and Technical Education programs offered by the Opportunity Network.

Students with Code of Conduct violations that warrant a temporary transfer from their regular school of students who might benefit from an intensive, smaller program.

For adult learners 18 years or older the opportunity to return to school to earn a high school diploma. EOP is offered at three separate locations and provides night classes.

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Contact the Re-Engagement Center to talk about your options!

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The Re-Engagement Center is a one-stop-shop for students, families, staff, and community partners looking for information on re-enrollment opportunities and are excited to help you reach your education goals.

Each student who comes to our office meets with a re-engagement specialist to explore what education options best fit your needs and what you hope to see your future. What are your interests? What do you want to do after you graduate? What programs sound exciting to you? We will help you find some of the answers to these questions and more.