What We Do

The Office of Auditing Services reviews the financial activity of every School District department as it relates to the spending of allocated funds for the school and its programs. Our goal is to keep your department’s fiscal management healthy and efficient, and to identify any missing processes.

Audit engagements are scheduled based on risk criteria or on management’s request. Audit scopes can range from a single process to all business activities in a division, department, or school. The Office of Auditing Services makes recommendations as a result of those analyses.

Our office is here to help. Many answers to your questions about our auditing process can be found here on our website. If your department has received an engagement letter indicating that it is slated for an audit, we will walk you through the process. Please note that all audits are mandatory and routine. An engagement letter is not indicative of questionable practices or mismanagement, but a routine scheduling per the School Reform Commission.