Why an audit?

The auditing process is a necessary but potentially beneficial tool for your staff and your processes. Here’s why:

Audits are an important tool to keep the financial management within your department in line with processes and procedures, and identify ways to streamline spending for maximum efficiency and best practices. The School District’s auditing team can recognize areas where certain processes may be missing, which departments may be lacking enough staff to function effectively. Our office ensures that the proper checks and balances for spending are in place, mitigating the risk of potential fraud.

The Office of Auditing Services reviews financial information and statements, but unlike financial auditing companies, we evaluate financial statements in relation to the health and efficiency of its departments and its expenditures, and evaluate how to properly create systems for efficiency and efficacy. While our office does coordinate information for CPA firms and the Inspector General’s Office, we do not provide an opinion on financial statements. The Office of Auditing Services will identify any areas of weakness in internal controls, or errors in processes, and make recommendations for resolving them.

Charter Schools are audited every five years in tandem with their renewal schedule. The Office of Auditing Services performs an enrollment audit and audit of financial and operational records to determine if the charter should be renewed.