Modernized Pre-K to 2nd Grade Classrooms in Eight Schools will focus on literacy

Posted on August 25, 2017
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A modernized Kindergarten classroom at Allen M. Stearne Elementary.

PHILADELPHIA –  In preparation for the 2017-2018 school year, Dr. William R. Hite, Superintendent of The School District of Philadelphia, toured Allen M. Stearne Elementary’s newly modernized kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms on Thursday.

Stearne Elementary is one eight district schools receiving this investment this school year and the PreK to 2nd grade classrooms at these schools are in the final stages of construction. The schools chosen were some of the lowest performing in terms of reading proficiency and are receiving this investment to help improve outcomes.

“Our Anchor Goal 2 is ensuring that 100% of 8 year old students are reading on grade level. These redesigned classrooms will help get us closer to our goal,” said Dr. Hite. “By improving the physical spaces and equipping our teachers with cutting edge teaching tools we will help our students learn and succeed. This investment will allow them to develop early academic and cognitive skills through fun, interactive, applied learning centers, as supported by research about how young children learn best.”

Dr. Hite tests the whisper phone that is used to help students with their reading.

Other elementary schools receiving these investments include Pennell, Locke, Henry C. Lea, Tanner D. Duckrey, Edward Gideon, General George G. Meade and Haverford Learning Center. Teachers will receive professional development next week and during the school year to ensure they know how to get the best use out of their new classrooms. Some of the physical improvements in the classrooms include:

Innovative seating and new desks for small group instruction.

  • Grade levels will have desks, chairs and other seating options better suited for students’ age groups.
  • Each classroom will have improved lighting, new paint, new cabinets, new closets and more.
  • New technology and manipulatives will be in each classroom to support small-group instruction.

The School District invested in this modernization as part of its capital improvement plan. The William Penn Foundation provided financial support at Stearne, Pennell, Lock and Haverford.