Philadelphia’s 2019-22 District Plan is Now Open for Feedback

Posted on November 8, 2018
Categories: News from SDP

As a Local Education Agency (LEA) within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The School District of Philadelphia (SDP), is required to complete a District Comprehensive Planning process every three years. The format, structure, and guiding questions of the process and resulting plan are governed by state-level interpretation of Federal law. SDP’s plan is due to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) by December 31, 2018 and consists of the following sections:

  • District Profile
  • Core Foundations
  • Assurances
  • Needs Assessment
  • District Level Action Plan

This plan, along with an Executive Summary, will be available for public review now through November 28, 2018. As a stakeholder within SDP, we invite you to review and comment on this draft prior to submission to PDE. The draft District Level Comprehensive Plan is accessible here. It includes an Appendix that lists the PDE guiding questions which led to the prioritized focus areas included in the present plan.