Posted on November 26, 2019
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October’s Teacher of the Month is Marcel Reynolds.

Marcel is an Autistic Support teacher at Frankford High School who, according to her nominator, Principal Michael Calderone, has established herself as a leader among her peers despite being new to Frankford. Marcel works hard to ensure that her school is an effective learning organization and that her students are prepared for life after graduation. “Despite the fact that she has been acclimating to a new school this year,” said Principal Calderone, “she has given freely of her time to support new special education teachers as they grow into their roles.”

Besides prioritizing the needs and education of her students, Marcel goes out of her way to help other teachers develop quality IEPs and implement the best instructional practices with a smile and a consistent positive attitude. She’s also assumed leadership of the Special Olympic program at Frankford – guiding a successful fundraiser for the program and bringing together the Frankford community in the process.

Marcel, you are a tremendous asset to Frankford High School and the School District. Thank you for being a part of the progress!

November’s Teacher of the Month is Debontina Adamson-White.

Debontina is a 6th-Grade teacher at Harding Middle School, and is a believer in the inherent value and potential of every student. She understands that her 6th-graders will learn better if their education includes sensitivity to their cultural context. Currently, Debontina is doing a daily read aloud of poems from the collection: “Can I Touch Your Hair?: Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship”, which is fostering a deeper connection with and among her students. “She is an advocate for her students and focuses on individualized instruction to highlight the potential of each student she teaches,” said nominator and colleague Blair Downie. “She is able to teach her students how to succeed and make a positive impact in their communities.”

In addition, Debontina is an excellent example of high-quality work being central to instruction. She actively seeks opportunities to improve the quality of the instruction that the school provides, and the school as a whole – organizing fundraisers and celebrations, planning and attending professional development with her peers, and hosting other teachers in her classroom for peer visits.

Said Blair Downie, “Debontina has an infections character that has had a positive impact on the climate and culture of our building!”

Thank you, Debontina, for being part of the progress!