District accepting applications for 2022-2023 school year

The School District of Philadelphia has launched its “Teach Today. Change Tomorrow.” recruitment campaign to help attract teachers for the 2022-2023 school year.

“The pandemic has made it clear –  that nothing can replace the importance and impact of a great teacher in a classroom with a student,” said Larisa Shambaugh, Chief of Talent, School District of Philadelphia. “The goal of the launch of this year’s Teach Today. Change Tomorrow campaign is simple: We want to spread the news that starting next week we will begin to make offers to talented educators who share our passion for changing our students’ tomorrows.”

The District is seeking teachers for all subject and content areas. On average, the District hires around 900 new teachers to support a system of more than 9,000 teachers. More information on teaching opportunities and the application can be found at teachinphilly.com.

“I became a teacher because I wanted to be the kind of teacher that my own children needed. Our children need educators who can help them realize their own potential,” said Jenifer Felix, Spanish Language Arts Teacher at Kensington Health Sciences Academy. “In Philadelphia, I found different programs and fresh ideas, a community of teachers who love teaching and learning, higher pay, better benefits, room to grow within the District and a strong union. Now more than ever, I encourage anyone who also believes in the potential of our children to join us here in the School District of Philadelphia.”

To help fill positions, the District launched new initiatives through collaboration with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, including:

  • Increasing salaries and including bonuses for all educators. The average teacher salary in the District is currently $82,000 and the starting salary next year for teachers will be $50,000 with an additional $1000 bonus offered to all in the fall;
  • Offering a $5,000 bonus over the next two years for teachers working in a subset of almost 50 schools as as a retention and recruitment strategy; and,
  • Launching a new paraprofessional pathway program that provides full tuition, mentoring and training to current employees who work as special education assistants and classroom assistants.

Christopher Rocks sees the paraprofessional opportunity as critical to develop the skills that paraprofessionals will need for continued success. While Mr. Rocks is not part of the new paraprofessional pathway program, he was formerly a Special Education Assistant at Greenberg Elementary School and is currently a Teacher Resident at Mayfair, preparing to become a Special Education Teacher.

“My time as a Special Education Assistant provided me with valuable opportunities and experience. During that time, I was able to develop the critical skills needed for success as a teacher,” said Rocks. “I realized that I wanted to transition from a special education assistant to a teacher because it has been a long time desire of mine to teach and the residency program helped me because it has given me the tools and resources that I need to fulfill my dream.”

The District seeks candidates who will receive a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Intern or Instructional Certificate before the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, are out-of-state certified or are exploring a career change and want to begin teaching. The District works with non-certified teachers to earn their teaching certificate through its Teacher Residency Program.

In addition to teachers, the District is hiring for all positions – educators, school leaders, school-based support staff, general cleaners and nurses. Those who are seeking positions outside of teaching should apply through Workinphilly.com.