Posted on February 6, 2024
Categories: News from SDP, Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Ms. Anne Olvera on being named Teacher of the Month for January! Ms. Olvera consistently excels in fostering a vibrant learning environment, not only within her classroom but also across the Edwin M. Stanton School community. Her innovative approach to the ELA curriculum transports students on an explorative journey through the diverse cultures embedded in their reading materials. She enriches this experience by integrating authentic foods from these cultures, thanks to her successful acquisition of partnership mini-grants.

Her dedication to cultural immersion is further exemplified by her initiative to introduce salsa dancing during Hispanic Heritage Month, providing students with a hands-on celebration of cultural heritage. Ms. Olvera’s implementation of the Writers Matter program is yet another testament to her commitment to honoring diversity, offering students a platform to voice their personal narratives and world perspectives.

Beyond the classroom, Ms. Olvera’s engagement with Stanton’s Cultural Arts Program, alongside her esteemed colleagues, resulted in three spectacular evening events showcasing the musical, dance, and poetic talents of our students. Her leadership in the Family Traditions Middle School celebration empowers students to share and honor their family customs through written essays, culminating in a gallery walk and an assembly that reinforces school spirit through shared stories and songs.

As the driving force behind the middle school student government, Ms. Olvera champions student representation and engagement, guiding the establishment of monthly educational clubs that encourage cross-interaction among students and teachers. Her unyielding dedication is further evidenced by her longstanding role as Stanton’s Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) building representative, her perfect attendance record over a decade, and her role as a pillar of support and wisdom for both colleagues and families.

Ms. Olvera’s unwavering commitment to Stanton’s excellence and her nurturing presence make her truly deserving of this recognition. Her efforts to elevate the morale and quality of education at Stanton illustrate that she is indeed among the best of the best. Congratulations, Ms. Olvera, for your exceptional contributions to our school district.