Posted on April 9, 2024
Categories: News from SDP, Teacher of the Month

Autism Support Teacher at Richard R. Wright Elementary School, Carly Barrist has been named Teacher of the Month for March, and it is clear why she has earned this prestigious honor. Carly maintains an asset-based mindset and explicitly frames differences as strengths daily in her classroom. She has 9 students between the ages of 5-8 who all have incredibly different abilities and strengths. Carly ensures daily that she plays into each student’s strengths and assists them in actively improving in their areas of need. She juggles such differing students with grace, making each one feel as though they have her full attention.

Carly’s unwavering belief in the potential of every student is truly inspiring. She actively advocates for her students to participate in general education events, activities, and curriculum, never saying “no, they can’t.” Instead, she works tirelessly to adapt, modify, and encourage. This dedication is evident in her preparations for the school’s spring showcase, where all students will be performing a song. Carly has ensured that all of her students will participate and is aiding them in every way possible for them to be successful during the musical performance. Her commitment to inclusion and equal opportunity for all students is a shining example for other teachers.

Carly’s perseverance and rapid growth as a teacher are remarkable. Despite being in her third year, she has mastered the art of managing a diverse classroom with grace and effectiveness.  Her hard work has paid off, with parents frequently expressing their appreciation for her dedication. Carly’s positive attitude and forward-thinking mindset have created an excellent environment in her classroom. She sets a clear example for both her students and fellow staff members by outlining positive solutions when problems arise and supporting students during transitions. Her guidance has been invaluable for the paraprofessionals working with her, and her commitment to growth and development is evident in the progress made by everyone in the classroom.

The decision to name Carly Barrist Teacher of the Month for March was an easy one. Her dedication, passion, and unwavering belief in her students’ potential make her an outstanding role model for all educators. Congratulations, Carly, on this well-deserved recognition!