Posted on April 18, 2024
Categories: News from SDP

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April 18, 2024

Dear School District of Philadelphia Families,

Graduation is right around the corner! And while we know our seniors are hard at work wrapping up their high school studies and preparing for their milestone celebration, we also want to take an opportunity to remind younger high school students and their families that it is never too early to begin preparing for graduation.

Now is an excellent opportunity to review your child’s progress toward graduation, no matter their age! This “What Families Can Do” flyer explains some important ways that you can support your child’s pathway to graduation success.

Specifically for parents of high schoolers:

  1. Use this Graduation Checklist to ensure requirements are being met and/or are on track to be met.
  2. Review the Step-By-Step Guide to Accessing Student Graduation Status, found here, to pull a report and see your child’s academic details.
  3. Count credits. If you notice your child is off-track, schedule a conference with their school to discuss a plan.
  4. Ensure your child’s courses and program are aligned with one of the Pathways to Graduation. Adjust as necessary with the assistance of the school teachers and counselors.

It is important to remember that while graduation is a huge milestone, and something to be celebrated, it is also a bridge to more exciting things like college or career. Last month, we shared more information about the various Career Preparation Programs that the District offers to help students prepare for life after high school. I encourage you to learn more about these programs and more by visiting our Postsecondary Readiness website.

One program that I want to specifically call out today, is Career Connected Learning PHL (C2L-PHL). This workforce initiative is a partnership between the City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families and Philadelphia Works, and increases the quantity and quality of work-based learning activities for students from across the city, broadening opportunities for Philadelphia youth to achieve career success after high school. Through C2L-PHL, thousands of young people will have year-round access to internships, experiential learning projects, career exploration and mentoring, professional development, and job shadowing. The application is now open – you can learn more and apply at

We remain your partners in your child’s success! Thank you for entrusting us to prepare all students to imagine and realize any future they desire!


Jermaine Dawson, Ed.D.
Deputy Superintendent of Academic Services
The School District of Philadelphia