Posted on June 11, 2024
Categories: News from SDP, Teacher of the Month

We are beyond thrilled to name Maggie Myers as the School District of Philadelphia’s Teacher of the Month for May 2024! Ms. Myers, a shining star at Olney High School, embodies everything we strive for in our school district. Her U.S. History students don’t just learn – they experience a transformative journey where every voice matters and every perspective is valued. Imagine walking into a room where a world map hangs “upside-down,” shifting the focus to often overlooked regions. Picture students designing political ads from the viewpoint of countries impacted by U.S. policies, their voices ringing out with insight and passion. This is the power of a Ms. Myers education.

Ms. Myers is a true innovator in education. Students get to dive deep into history with creativity and autonomy – it’s learning at its best. They might design an Oregon Trail app, organize a rally against the Chinese Exclusion Act, or step into the shoes of a student at a boarding school. The choices are endless, and the engagement is real.

But Ms. Myers’ impact doesn’t stop at the classroom door. This rockstar teacher runs clubs that empower students to celebrate their cultures, stand up for what’s right, and dream big about college. Her Haitian Club is a vibrant space for language exchange and cultural pride. The Student Activism Club she leads is a hub for change-makers. And the college prep program she founded opens doors for aspiring scholars. As a passionate union member, she fights tirelessly for the schools Philly’s students deserve.

Whether she’s cheering on the soccer team or mentoring a future leader, Ms. Myers believes in the boundless potential of every young person. Her dedication inspires students to pursue their passions, both in and out of the classroom. Mohammed, a former student and soccer player, put it beautifully: “Ms. Myers is more than a teacher; she’s a mentor and role model cherished by all who have the privilege of learning from her.” We are so, so proud to honor Maggie Myers – a true hero for Philly’s kids. Her work is a shining example of the difference one teacher can make.