Policy & Procedure

Acts of bullying or harassment that occur in school, on school grounds, in school vehicles, at designated bus stops, in transit to/from school or at any offsite activity sponsored, supervised or sanctioned by the school are governed by the District’s Administrative Procedures and must be reported.

Investigations must begin at the school.

When a student reports they have been bullied, the school principal or designee is to conduct a thorough investigation according to the SDP’s bullying and harassment administrative policies and procedures.

Principals and their designee must investigate all reports within two school days of receiving a bullying and harassment reporting and investigation form.

Within five days, a determination based upon the evidence reviewed is made as to whether the allegations meet the District’s definition of bullying or harassment. The school’s principal or designee will report their findings and determination to the Office of Climate and Safety, and to the parents or guardians of the students involved.

If the evidence confirms a case of bullying or harassment, the school’s principal or designee will work with the school’s climate team, in collaboration with the Office of Climate and Safety, to develop a plan to address the behavior in accordance with the progressive mode of discipline provided in our Student Code of Conduct.

Parent Appeal Process
If a parent/guardian disagrees with a decision made at the school or central office level, they may submit an appeal. For information on the types of decisions that are eligible for appeal as well as the procedure for submitting an appeal, parents should refer to the Procedures for Appeal Process.

Procedures for Appeal Process

Multilingual versions can be found here.