Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For Parents

Q: As a parent/guardian, who should I contact in the school to report that my child is being bullied?

A: Parents/guardians should begin communication with the school by talking to their child’s teacher. If the problem continues, immediately report the incident to the Principal or designee. If there is no response, contact the District’s bullying hotline at (215) 400-SAFE (7233).

For Educators

Q: How do I find time to implement a bullying prevention program (or any other safety initiative) in my school/classroom with everything else I have to do? (e.g., curriculum requirements, Power Hour, etc.)

A: Most often, “extra time” is not required to successfully implement bullying prevention programs or other climate and safety initiatives (e.g., Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, PBIS, etc.). Whenever possible, the principles and components of programs and initiatives should be integrated into existing school-based norms, practices, and procedures which are all part of the school’s climate and safety plan.

Q: How should teachers deal with bullying in the classroom?

A: If you see or hear bullying in the classroom (or anywhere in or around school grounds):

1. Stop the bullying immediately

2. Listen to and support the student who is being bullied

3. To the student(s) who bullied, name the behavior and refer to the rules against bullying

4. Impose immediate and appropriate consequences for the student(s) who bullied

5. Empower the bystanders with appreciation, correction or with information about how to act in the future

6. Take necessary steps to make sure the student who was bullied will be protected from future bullying