Bullying Prevention and Intervention

What Schools Can Do:

  • Consistently enforce the District’s policies against bullying and harassment
  • Implement bullying and harassment administrative policies
  • Report and investigate all incidents of bullying and harassment
  • Include bullying prevention and intervention in your school’s climate and safety plans
  • Utilize research-based interventions and evidence-based programming
  • Train all staff in bullying prevention and intervention
  • Develop and implement school-specific rules against bullying and reinforce positive behaviors school-wide
  • Hold regular class meetings to teach children social skills (e.g. friendship, respect, how to get along with someone who is different, etc.)
  • Encourage and establish positive relationships between adults and children
  • Model the positive behavior that is desired among children

Always look for warning signs of children who bully and children who are bullied! 

When you see the warning signs and/or have suspicions of bullying:

  • Collect as much information as possible
  • Communicate your suspicions with the rest of the staff
  • Contact the parents of the students involved
  • Seek assistance from the Office of School Climate & Safety, if necessary