How Bullying Impacts Your School

  • A study by the National Crime Prevention Council found that 42% of teens see at least one bullying or taunting incident in school every day. An additional 26% see such episodes once a week.
  • The U.S. Secret Service found that 71% of school attackers were bullied prior to the attack, thus making the most common characteristic of school attackers the fact that they were victims of bullying.

Bullying affects your school’s climate when:

  • There is insufficient or ineffective adult supervision
  • Staff and/or students have indifferent or accepting attitudes towards bullying (e.g. “it’s none of my business”, “kids will be kids”)
  • There is no bullying prevention program in place

If you are looking for support in creating intervention and prevention strategies for your school, contact us. We work with all of our schools on customized, collaborative trainings that fit your school’s climate-specific needs, and can include one-on-one consult opportunities.