How to Stay Safe

What can students do if they are bullied?:

  • Tell an adult (at home and at school)
  • Be assertive, NOT aggressive:
    • Assertive means looking the person in the eye and telling them clearly and confidently, “Stop It!”
    • Aggressive means getting physical with the person. This is the wrong way to handle a bullying situation.
  • Give a neutral verbal response to de-escalate the situation (e.g., Say to the perpetrator, “So” or “Whatever”).
  • Communicate desires in a firm, calm voice (e.g., “Go away and stop bothering me!”).
  • Always know when to walk away! Your safety is the most important thing!

To ensure your safety:

  • Travel with others; avoid walking alone
  • Beware of signs that suggest the bullying is becoming violent (e.g., Pay attention to body language, take notice when the bullying behavior becomes physical and more aggressive, etc.)
  • Immediately get adult assistance if the bully has a weapon
  • Know your surroundings – Always know where to go for help.
  • Never be embarrassed to ask for help!