Welcome to the Office of Capital Programs!

The mission of Capital Programs is to provide a safe, healthy, and welcoming learning environment for every student. We realize this mission by acknowledging that our buildings require ongoing maintenance and identifying and supporting investments in these buildings. Many Capital Projects include environmental components like asbestos abatement or lead paint stabilization.

SDP Equity Definition:

We are cultivating prosperity and liberation for students and staff, starting with historically marginalized populations, by removing barriers, increasing access and inclusion, building trusting relationships, and creating a shared culture of social responsibility and commitment to organizational accountability.

Building Improvements & Capital Projects fall into the following categories:

New Construction

  • Entirely new structures
  • Building additions
  • Modular spaces

Major Renovation

  • Comprehensive upgrades
  • improvements to the entire interior of a school building
  • Usually includes upgrades to the exterior

Minor Renovation

  • Cafeteria Renovations
  • Auditorium Renovations
  • Classroom Improvements

Major Systems Replacement

  • System replacements/upgrades
  • Environmental stabilizations and abatements
  • HVAC, Lighting, windows, roof etc.

Site Improvements

  • classrooms
  • playgrounds
  • parking facilities
  • stormwater runoff systems
  • student learning areas