Posted on December 8, 2021
Categories: CTE Month 2022, News

This story by Christie Ileto was originally published on 6abc by  here:

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Students at the Mayfair School are part of the only building trades program for middle school students in the Philadelphia School District.

Ask some of the students and they’ll tell you it’s already getting them excited about the possibilities of their future in the trades.

“We’re learning how to do use a mortar saw and electrical work,” said Kimberly Dias.

For most of us, wiring might be a challenge. But for 6th grader Kimberly Dias, it’s a walk in the park thanks to the Building Trades Program at the school.

The goal is to give students hands-on experience in trades like construction and plumbing and allow them to get a better idea of what those careers involve before they get to high school.

“If you can make a good decision on what high school you have to go to, you get an advance in this classroom,” said Evin Jarrett, the Building Trades instructor.

“Especially with construction and labor shortages, every school district really needs to focus on the building trades and how do we get young kids excited about the trades well before they make decisions about high school and college,” added Principal Guy Lowery.

The Mayfair School is ahead of the curve on such a timely curriculum. This is the second year of the program. The first year was done virtually.