Posted on July 13, 2022
Categories: CTE Month 2023, News

In June, Murrell Dobbins Career & Technical Education High School hosted a Gaming Seminar and Competition.  Presentations included Dobbins’ student Promise Knight demonstrating how he develops games using

Promise Knight standing with a microphone in front of his presentation on developing a game

Peter Howells, Staff Software Engineer for Riot Games gave a virtual presentation about what it takes to develop games and walked students through his journey as a software engineer and developer, how to get into gaming, and the future prospects of esports.

Peter Howells giving a presentation on how to get into game development

Professor Enongo Lumumba shared her journey into the world of game audio as a featured artist, music supervisor, and sound designer and lead an audio gaming workshop where students paired music and SFX with a particular game scene.

a screenshot of one of Professor Enongo's presentation on game audio design. The slide is titled 8-bit sound and contains an image from an older video game

Kenny Tribbett and Ashlee Cooper of Droneversity lead an in person seminar showing students the ins and outs of being certified as a drone operator and  what it takes to get a job as a licensed drone pilot.  Students had the opportunity to practice their drone flying skills on an obstacle course set up in Dobbins’ gym.

Finally, Sports Marketing teacher Mr. Cobbs ran an e-gaming competition with students.