Posted on December 1, 2022
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CTE students from Edison, South Philadelphia, and Dobbins High School swept the 2022 World AIDS Day Art Contest!

1st place: Grazielle Duarte, 10th grader at Edison.
2nd place: Ava Averona, 10th grader at South Philadelphia.
3rd place: Cristalees Vega, 11th grade student at Edison.

Edison’s Graphic Design teacher is Mr. Mills, and South Philadelphia’s Graphic Design teacher is Mr. Jackson.

an illustrated hand holding a condom in front of an LGBTQ pride flag. The text reads: be queer, be smart, rock the ribbon

1st place: Grazielle Duarte

text reads: Been Rocking the Ribbon Since Back in the Day. There is an old-fashioned tv. There is a red ribbon on the tv screen

2nd place: Ava Averona

drawings of busts of people where some of them are wearing a red ribbon on their chest. The text reads: Rock the Ribbon

3rd place: Cristalees Vega

Not only that, but CTE students’ work will also be featured in the University of Pennsylvania Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) World AIDS Day Red Ribbon Award Program Book. According to their website, the Penn CFAR Community Advisory Board “holds a ceremony each year in commemoration of World AIDS Day, and recognizes the tireless efforts of our local heroes in policy, research, community, faith, youth leadership and more.”

Front cover: Jasir Burnside, 10th grader at Edison.
Center 1: Cristalees Vega (3rd place winner).
Center 2: Nancy Hernandez, 12th grader at South Philadelphia.
Back cover: Anderson Chavez, 10th grader at South Philadelphia.

These Program Books will be printed by InkWell, a student-run print studio at Edison High School.

Top text: Rock the Ribbon. Bottom text: Don't Spread It, Get Tested. Red Ribbon Illustration at the center.

Front cover: Jasir Burnside

A skateboard leaning against a garage door. Spray painted on the garage is "Rock The Ribbon"

Back cover: Anderson Chavez

Top text: Be Aware of Who You Love & Trust. Illustration of rose that is wrapped by a red ribbon. Bottom text: "WORLD AIDS DAY"

Center 2: Nancy Hernandez, 12th grader at South Philadelphia.

And there’s more! A video for this contest was produced by Dobbin High School’s Fashion Design program, taught by Ms. Artis.

Video Credits:

Samiyah Ward

Nyara Brown
Sylen Baptiste
Charm Lewis
Brianna Myers
Sabria Grant

Anaya Duke

Creative Director:
Syrianna Davis

Congratulations to our CTE students!