Posted on February 14, 2023
Categories: CTE Month 2023, CTSOs, News

SkillsUSA is a national student organization that strives to make each student more employable through the development of participatory, and leadership skills to complement the occupational skills developed by students in technical education classrooms or work-based learning sites. SkillsUSA is an integral part of approved technical education occupation programs.

Local competitions were held January 25-27, 2023.

The categories, winners, and their respective schools are listed below. Congratulations!

Advertising Design: J.Cooke (Phila. HS of Creative & Performing Arts),
Audio/Radio Production: L.Holmes & N.Keer (Phila. HS of Creative & Performing Arts)
Automotive Service Technology : M.Higgins (Swenson Arts & Technology High School)
Career Pathways Showcase (Tech): A.Ramos, J.Rivas-Rodriguez, S.Canela (Kensington High School)
Career Pathways Showcase (Arts): J.Cabrera, S.Hightower, J.Carrasco (Kensington CAPA)
Cosmetology: D.Skipworth (Murrell Dobbins Technical High School)
Culinary Arts: M. Gray (Universal Audenried Charter High School)
Digital Cinema Production: I.Callaghan, A.Wright (Phila. HS of Creative & Performing Arts)
Electronics Technology: S. Karnai (SLA-Beeber)
Employment Application Process: W. Brown (Kensington High School)
Engineering Technology: Y. Casado-Perez, J. Garcia, S. Adam (Kensington High School)
Esthetics: K.Clark, N.Hines (Murrell Dobbins Technical High School)
Internetworking: M.Spiker (Kensington High School)
Nail Care: T.Horton, J. Shinholster (Murrell Dobbins Technical High School)
Photography: D.Maglio (Swenson Arts & technology High School)
Pin Design: L.Diaz (Kensington High School)
Prepared Speech: G.Vargas (Thomas A. Edision High School)
T-Shirt Design: N.Fox (Thomas A Edison High School)
Technical Drafting: C.Brinson (Kensington High School)
Television(Video) Production: M.Almodovar-Alamo, N.Presley (Phila. HS of Creative & Performing Arts)
Web Design: T.Manson M.Mason-Green (Academies at Roxborough)
Welding : M.Crespo (Thomas A. Edison High School)