Posted on February 27, 2023
Categories: CTE Month 2023, News

To celebrate CTE Month, a recent art exhibition was held by the Kensington Creative and Performing Art High School, to showcase the creativity and talent of the students. The exhibit, titled “Storytime,” was held on February 2nd at The Story Factory.

The collaboration between the CTE and Visual Arts classes, as well as with the 26th Police District, is a great example of how art can be used to build bridges and promote understanding between different groups of people. The use of various mediums, such as photography, graphic design, film, and Neurographic Art, allowed the students to tell their stories and express their perspectives in unique and powerful ways.

In addition to the display of art, the performances by the students and police officers created an opportunity for mutual appreciation and respect, as they showcased their musical talents together on the same stage. This kind of collaboration and communication is crucial for building meaningful relationships and promoting positive change within communities.

Overall, this exhibit is a testament to the power of art to inspire change and encourage unity. It’s heartening to see young people using their talents to make a positive impact on their community and the world around them.

Artwork by student Janiah Aviles of a baseball player depicted three times over a blue background. On left, posed to hit a ball. Middle, holding glove in front of face to only show eyes. On right, holding baseball bat over shoulders with both hands.
Artworks by two KCAPA students. On the left, is an piece of various artstyles laid in a 3 x 3 grid, like a tile. In the middle tile, is a QR code that links to a video. On the right is a photograph of a young black individual by a different student.
A candid photo taken during KCAPA's "Story Time" art exhibit. A group of three police officers are conversing with their backs turned to the camera. The background shows two artworks that look like mosaics.