Posted on March 8, 2023
Categories: News

VITA certified Northeast and George Washington High School students are volunteering at Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association (OCCCDA) to help meet high demand for tax return preparation in the Northeast area. These students, with the help of their teachers, are gaining valuable professional experience, while providing free tax prep to families in their community

In order to volunteer, the CTE business pathway students are required to pass a series of exams to earn a Tax Preparers IRS Certification. Students will volunteer a minimum of 25 hours this year.

The CWF tax locations opened on Monday 1/23/2023 and will continue to operate until 4/18/2023. Over 100 high school students from the SDP are part of the Tax Preparation team. Participating high schools include Abraham Lincoln, Northeast, George Washington, and Murrell Dobbins High School.

The SDP student tax team will be volunteering in sites around the city on various days. For more information contact Denise Magasich, Business Pathway Industry Development Specialist,