Equity Coalition

The SDP Equity Coalition is an organizational body representing every functional area of the district.

Our purpose is to provide the organizational leadership and structure needed to redesign a more equitable school district. This includes, but is not limited to, uprooting policies, deconstructing processes, and eradicating practices that create systems of privilege and power within our school communities and in our workplaces.

In this District-wide journey, we will begin with focusing our work around racial inequity and then use the developed tools, frameworks, and policies to address other forms of inequity.

For more information, please email us at equity@philasd.org

Our Core Objectives

The core objectives of the SDP Equity Coalition consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and understanding our district’s current demographics (students, staff, families/communities) through a deep analysis of data and historical trends, with an equity lens.
  • Providing the framework and structure for our district’s definition of equity in mission and vision.
  • Creating an equity audit and subsequent action plan that highlights our short and long term commitments.
  • Developing and refining policy for our district and community partners through an equity lens.
  • Supporting the pursuit and practice of greater cultural awareness and proficiency throughout our organization.
  • Embedding educational equity training into all levels of professional development.
  • Engaging and collaborating with local and national organizations engaged in equity work.

Coalition Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is designed to support specific focal areas of the Coalition, developing strategies and offering recommendations for Coalition initiatives. Please see an overview of our current Steering Committee projects:

Affinity Groups
Create a space in our district where individuals can facilitate and participate in racial affinity groups to grapple with issues related to race and education.

Equity Audit
Examining the data that has already been collected and designing a follow up initiative to see how perspectives in the District may be shifting.

“Equity Is” Podcast
Utilize platform to highlight uplift the work of the Steering Committee, Equity Coalition, and stakeholders from the SDP community.

External Partners
Continue to engage our community partners and find ways to meaningfully collect and incorporate feedback, as well as discover opportunities to align for action.

Learning Pathways
Support with the outreach and review of content, particularly as it relates to providing learning opportunities for parents and community partners.

Policy Review Cycle
Continue to provide support with reviewing and providing feedback on the policies and procedures up for board review.

Social Justice Summit 
Virtual event bringing together stakeholders from across the District to engage in learning and discussion around the racial equity work that has, is, and can happen in our District.