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Find the latest episodes of the Equity Is podcast as well as Panel discussions hosted by our office.

We continue our dive into oppressive thematic ideologies. In honor of LGBTQ History Month we are joined by Equity Training Specialist, Dylan Van Duyne, who will discuss the Gender Binary & Socialization of Gender Norms/Sexual Orientation

This episode features clips and highlights from Parkway Northwest High Schools International Day of Peace Event on September 21, 2022

This episode is based around one of several trainings our Equity Training Specialists will be giving this year. We are joined by Training Specialists Sia and Ryan as well as Principal Balbuena from Gloria Casarez Elementary School.

A look into the Transitional Mentoring Program at Martin Luther King High

A look into the restorative justice based program Relationships First.

Interview with Executive Director of Equity, Estelle Acquah.

Interview with Chief of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dr. Sabriya Jubilee

Interview with School District of Philadelphia Superintendent, Dr. William Hite

Panel Discussions

Trans Day of Visibility Panel Discussion

Latinx and LGBTQ Identity: Intersectionality Panel