Prekindergarten Services

Information Regarding Preschool Services and Application

School District of Philadelphia Preschool (Pre-K) Services



The School District of Philadelphia directly provides free, full-day preschool services to more than 9,500 children (ages 3-5) in partnership with Pre-K Counts, Head Start Partners and PHL PreK. It is important that you start the process of enrolling your child as soon as you know you will want preschool services. Entering children must be three years old by September 1, and five year olds after September 1. Children who are five before September 1 must apply to Kindergarten.

Why Pre-K?

  • Pre-K prepares your child for Kindergarten by giving them an advantage in literacy, language, math and social/emotional skills.
  • Pre-K reduces special education placements by nearly half through 2nd grade.
  • Pre-K reduces grade repetition by as much as a third through 8th grade

Find a high quality Pre-K in your area:

Search for School Based Preschool Locations by Zip Code – The Prekindergarten office is currently closed and no phone calls can be answered. For more information regarding School-based Prekindergarten programs, click this link and fill out the Contact Form.  Someone from the intake team will respond as quickly as possible.

Search for Pre-K Partner Locations and Contact Information by Zip CodeTo register for these locations, call the number listed to go directly to the location.

Bright Futures  & Prekindergarten Head Start Preschool Programs

Joy Diljohn, Executive Director

Bright Futures Prekindergarten is available to families with three and four year old children who meet the income requirements set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Prekindergarten Head Start provides early childhood services to three and four year old children whose families meet the income requirements set by the Federal Head Start program.

For more information about the Bright Futures or Head Start programs, click the choose a location link, and then click this link to fill out the Contact Form.

Pre-K Counts, Community Childcare Centers & Partner Locations

Michelle Linder-Coates, Executive Director

Pre-K Counts Partnerships — The School District of Philadelphia partners with 50 community agencies at 64 center locations through Pennsylvania’s new Pre-K Counts program. Children in the program receive high quality early childhood services aligned with Pennsylvania’s state standards.

Head Start Partnerships — The School District partners with 25 community child care organizations to provide educational, health, and nutritional Head Start services to three and four year old in 39 centers. The District and the partners work together to ensure that all children receive high quality programs so that they arrive at school ready to learn. The program is state funded and free to eligible families.

For more information about the Pre-K Counts, Community Childhood Centers & Partner Locations, click the choose a location link or call 215-400-4270, choose option 2.