2022-2023 Registration for Kindergarten

For questions about registration, please email the Office of Student Placement and Enrollment at osep@philasd.org.

Questions pertaining to school supplies and other school-related concerns, please contact your catchment school.

Ready to get started? Let's register!

Registering online is easy but does require a number of steps, and a number of documents you’ll need to provide. Be prepared to spend 15 minutes to a half-hour filling out the form online, plus whatever time you’ll need to collect and prepare the documents we’ll need.


Your catchment school is based on your address. Use our handy app to quickly find your school!

PLEASE NOTE: Students must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st to start Kindergarten. If your student is younger, consider one of the many Pre-K options also open for enrollment!


Collect all the documents before you log on!


Click to get started! Don’t forget those required documents!

Kindergarten registration is also available by working with your school.

Additional Resources and Contact Support

  • Telephone:
    215-400-4290 – English
    215-400-8480 – SHQIP
    215-400-8481 – عربي
    215-400-8482 – 汉语
    215-400-8483 – Français
    215-400-8484 – ខ្មែរ
    215-400-8474 – Português
    215-400-8485 – Русский
    215-400-8489 – Español
    215-400-8486 – Việt
  • Email: