As teachers providing instruction during a remote setting, we know that strengthening instruction, through the use of  digital tools, is more critical than ever. We are committed to supporting you and your staff to build the skills to be successful in this virtual setting.

Training and support that our office provides includes:

  • Training to support instruction in a remote and or hybrid environment and strengthen teachers’ technology integration skills
  • Office hours to support teachers in using the identified resources to support digital instruction such as Google Classroom, Zoom, Google Meet and the online ELA and Math portals
  • Technical assistance for effective use of Schoolnet and the Student Information System ( SIS)

Implementing the Digital Literacy and Technology Curriculum (K8), which includes the following units:

  • Digital Tools and Collaboration
  • Digital Media Literacy and Information
  • Computer Science Fundamentals and Coding
  • Internet Safety found in Computing and Society Unit which is MANDATED by the FCC