Welcome to Employee Health Services (EHS)

We are committed to providing assistance and information about medical leaves of absence, FMLA, and pre/post-employment physicals to our colleagues throughout the School District of Philadelphia.


Effective 3.25.2022 , will show on 4.1.22 check, the District is updating the way DQL days are accrued to make it easier to manager. Previously, DQL days appeared on an employees paycheck as ‘Additional Leave,’ or on the Leave Balances on the Employee Payroll Information application found under your employee portal. Now, they will no longer show on your check as a leave bank, but will instead be available to use as needed, like funeral leave or jury duty. Employees will still be able to take up to ten days if you are vaccinated and test positive for COVID. Any days already taken will appear on the Leave Balances as a negative amount.

Uploading Booster Shot Information to VacTrac:

While we are shifting our testing policy, we remain keenly focused on the importance of vaccines for all employees. Booster shots are not currently required for our employees, but we are asking all staff to upload your updated vaccine card with booster information to the VacTrac site so that we can maintain fully accurate records.  (An easy step-by-step VacTrac user guide can be found here.) If you have questions or need assistance uploading this information, please reach out to VacTrac@philasd.org.