Get the Help You Need!

This page provides contact information and resources to assist you with getting the help you need with your child's education, classroom, and school.

Contact Staff at Your School Who Can Help You


The best way for parents to contact their student’s teacher is to email them. Teachers can also be contacted through a Student’s Google classroom account or by sending them a message in Parent Portal.

Work Hours

Depending on the school, teacher working hours vary. Teachers are generally available from 8 am – 3 pm. Teachers are working remotely, and will respond to their emails in a timely manner.

Teacher work hours are the same as their school. School hours are listed on each school’s website. School websites can be found in the School Directory.

School Secretaries

School secretaries are often considered to be heartbeat of a school. The secretary is typically the first person you will see when entering the building and will also be the last you see as you leave or sign out. The secretary is the person behind the schedules, meetings, records, and files contained in a school building. Most school personnel will gladly tell you that if the information is to be found, the secretary will know how to find it.

Work Hours

School Secretary work hours are the same as their school. School hours are listed on each school’s website. School websites can be found in the School Directory.

The best way for families to contact their student’s school secretary is to call the school’s main phone number and select option #0 for the main office. Please use the School Secretaries Directory below to find your school’s Secretary.

School Secretary Directory

* For non-English speaking families – Click Here

School NameFirst NameLast NameEmailPhone Number
ACADEMY AT PALUMBORoseGallagherrgallagher@philasd.org215-400-8130
ACADEMY AT PALUMBONicoleSpitznspitz@philasd.org215-400-8130
ADAIRE, ALEXANDER SCHOOLMarybethSgrillomsgrillo@philasd.org215-400-7480
ALLEN, DR. ETHEL SCHOOLDesireeRosadmrosa@philasd.org215-400-7040
ALLEN, ETHAN SCHOOLKeishaFrazierkmfrazier@philasd.org215-400-3270
ALLEN, ETHAN SCHOOLLeahHolzworthlholzworth@philasd.org215-400-3270
AMY 5 AT JAMES MARTINJennieFilippellojfilippello@philasd.org215-400-7190
AMY NORTHWESTRebeccaBarnesrbarnes@philasd.org215-400-3460
ANDERSON, ADD B. SCHOOLCarolNicolaicnicolai@philasd.org215-400-7890
ARTHUR, CHESTER A. SCHOOLDeniseGraydgray@philasd.org215-400-7940
ARTS ACADEMY AT BENJAMIN RUSHRosemarieDimarinordimarino@philasd.org215-400-3030
BACHE-MARTIN SCHOOLKarenPagekpage@philasd.org215-400-7550
BALDI MIDDLE SCHOOLBethBlatsteinbfabey@philasd.org215-400-3090
BALDI MIDDLE SCHOOLChristinaMurphyclmurphy@philasd.org215-400-3090
BARRY, JOHN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLSydneyNorwoodsnorwood@philasd.org215-400-7640
BARRY, JOHN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLESmithe0csmith@philasd.org215-400-7640
BARTON, CLARA SCHOOLDawnMosely-Nixondmosely@philasd.org215-400-3720
BARTRAM, JOHN HIGH SCHOOLKellieanneHudeckikmchugh@philasd.org215-400-8100
BETHUNE, MARY MCLEOD SCHOOLLaurenPriestlpriest@philasd.org215-400-3890
BLAINE, JAMES G. SCHOOLKathleenCulp Fauzerkculpfauzer@philasd.org215-400-7330
BLANKENBURG, RUDOLPH SCHOOLSandraJordansajordan@philasd.org215-400-7280
BODINE, WILLIAM W. HIGH SCHOOLNeidaEspinosanespinosa@philasd.org215-400-7630
BREGY, F. AMEDEE SCHOOLMariaSiligrinimsiligrini@philasd.org215-400-8210
BRIDESBURG SCHOOLJessicaDiazjmmendez@philasd.org215-400-7240
BRIDESBURG SCHOOLLorraineGreenelgreene@philasd.org215-400-7240
BROWN, HENRY A. SCHOOLLizzetteVazquezlvazquez@philasd.org215-400-7490
BROWN, JOSEPH H. SCHOOLVictoryEllingtonvellington@philasd.org215-400-3320
BRYANT, WILLIAM C. SCHOOLYolandaJacksonyfuller@philasd.org215-400-7910
BUILDING 21SoniaHeathslheath@philasd.org215-400-7450
CARNELL, LAURA H.; 215-400-3150
CATHARINE, JOSEPH W. SCHOOLChariseRiverscrivers2@philasd.org215-400-8150
CAYUGA SCHOOLMariaSanlatemsanlate@philasd.org215-400-3850
CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOLRochelleFlowersrflowers2@philasd.org215-400-3590
CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOLCandeisRamseurcramseur@philasd.org215-400-3590
CHILDS, GEORGE W. SCHOOLKishaGloverkglover@philasd.org215-400-7950
COMEGYS, BENJAMIN B. SCHOOLShakiraPrawlsprawl@philasd.org215-400-7860
CONSTITUTION HIGH SCHOOLBridgetFairburnbfairburn@philasd.org215-400-7850
CONWELL, RUSSELL MIDDLE SCHOOLMariaBatistamramirez2@philasd.org215-400-7210
COOK-WISSAHICKON SCHOOLCarolynBrown-Craigcabrown@philasd.org215-400-3430
COOKE, JAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOLGabrielleBrowngdbrown@philasd.org215-400-8330
CRAMP, WILLIAM SCHOOLMadelineOrtizmaortiz@philasd.org215-400-3860
CREATIVE AND PERFORMING ARTSLynetteBarnhilllbarnhill@philasd.org215-400-8140
CROSSAN, KENNEDY C. SCHOOLLoriRieglerlsriegler@philasd.org215-400-3160
DAY, ANNA B. SCHOOLSonyaBrooker-Phippssphipps@philasd.org215-400-3520
DEBURGOS, J. ELEMENTARYBethlizaRiverabmar@philasd.org215-400-7080
DECATUR, STEPHEN SCHOOLLindaWeischedellweischedel@philasd.org215-400-3050
DICK, WILLIAM SCHOOLArnenarMartinarmartin@philasd.org215-400-7340
DOBBINS, MURRELL HIGH SCHOOLSuzanneRevellosrevello@philasd.org215-400-7050
DOBBINS, MURRELL HIGH SCHOOLLuisSantiagoldsantiago@philasd.org215-400-7050
DOBSON, JAMES SCHOOLMichelleCohenmiccohen@philasd.org215-400-3570
DUCKREY, TANNER SCHOOLBerniceCorderobccordero@philasd.org215-400-7350
DUNBAR, PAUL L. SCHOOLTamlaHuttytmhutty@philasd.org215-400-7410
EDISON, THOMAS A. HIGH SCHOOLJustaGanttjpadilla@philasd.org215-400-3900
EDISON, THOMAS A. HIGH SCHOOLMagallyRodriguez-Melendezmmelendez2@philasd.org215-400-3900
EDMONDS, FRANKLIN S. SCHOOLTanekaMuhammadtmuhammad@philasd.org215-400-3370
ELKIN, LEWIS SCHOOLAnitaRiveraarivera2@philasd.org215-400-7140
ELLWOOD SCHOOLAngelaMyersadavismyers@philasd.org215-400-3540
EMLEN, ELEANOR C. SCHOOLTheresaLogantlogan@philasd.org215-400-3470
ENGINEERING & SCIENCE HIGH SCHPatriciaBryantpabryant@philasd.org215-400-7380
ENGINEERING & SCIENCE HIGH SCHKerenConcepcionkconcepcion@philasd.org215-400-7380
FARRELL, LOUIS H. SCHOOLTianaBougestbouges@philasd.org215-400-3230
FARRELL, LOUIS H. SCHOOLConstanceBuckcbuck@philasd.org215-400-3230
FELL, D. NEWLIN SCHOOLDawnDeprinceddeprince@philasd.org215-400-8260
FELS, SAMUEL HIGH SCHOOLTheresaBuchertmbucher@philasd.org215-400-7100
FELS, SAMUEL HIGH SCHOOLRosalieTraliertralie@philasd.org215-400-7100
FELTONVILLE ARTS & SCIENCESJocelynSanchezjosanchez@philasd.org215-400-3180
FELTONVILLE INTERMEDIATECarmenLoftuscquinones@philasd.org215-400-3730
FITLER ACADEMICS PLUSGloriaCaldwellgjcaldwell@philasd.org215-400-3610
FITZPATRICK, A.L. SCHOOLCynthiaMalkowskicmalkowski@philasd.org215-400-3060
FORREST, EDWIN SCHOOLMuslimahAbdul Jabbarmabduljabbar@philasd.org215-400-3330
FORREST, EDWIN SCHOOLMelanieDavismdavis4@philasd.org215-400-3330
FOX CHASE SCHOOLAnnaTallaricoatallarico@philasd.org215-400-3170
FRANK, ANNE SCHOOLShirleyGonzalezsgonzalez@philasd.org215-400-3070
FRANK, ANNE SCHOOLStephanieRygalskisrygalski@philasd.org215-400-3070
FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOLChristinaGinyardcginyard@philasd.org215-400-7200
FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOLSoniaVelezsvelez@philasd.org215-400-7200
FRANKLIN LEARNING CENTERDonnaHudsondhudson@philasd.org215-400-7571
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN ELEM SCHOOLPhillisSmithphsmith@philasd.org215-400-3760
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN HIGH SCHOOLKimberlyMintzekdmintze@philasd.org215-400-7600
FURNESS, HORACE HIGH SCHOOLKouySamksam@philasd.org215-400-8300
GIDEON, EDWARD SCHOOLMarcellaJessupmmjessup@philasd.org215-400-7360
GIRARD ACADEMIC MUSIC PROGRAMJacquelineSpadyjrspady@philasd.org215-400-8230
GIRARD, STEPHEN SCHOOLBeverlyJonesbmjones@philasd.org215-400-8180
GIRLS, PHILA HIGH SCHOOL FORDeniseSmithdeasmith@philasd.org215-400-3700
GOMPERS, SAMUEL SCHOOLFatimaAtwellfatwell@philasd.org215-400-7250
GREENBERG, JOSEPH SCHOOLDanielleMastersondmasterson@philasd.org215-400-3080
GREENBERG, JOSEPH SCHOOLBessieVafiadisbvafiadis@philasd.org215-400-3080
GREENFIELD, ALBERT M. SCHOOLSherryLovett Fraserslovettfraser@philasd.org215-400-7810
HACKETT, HORATIO B. SCHOOLHeatherLuxhlux@philasd.org215-400-7470
HAMILTON, ANDREW SCHOOLLenaGilliamlygilliam@philasd.org215-400-7650
HANCOCK DEMONSTRATION SCHOOLSusanLickfieldslickfield@philasd.org215-400-3120
HANCOCK DEMONSTRATION SCHOOLMarleneThompsonmarlthompson@philasd.org215-400-3120
HARDING, WARREN G. MIDDLE SCHYaritzaPerezylhuertas@philasd.org215-400-0399
HARRINGTON, AVERY D. SCHOOLNicoleJohnsonnjohnson2@philasd.org215-400-7920
HARTRANFT, JOHN F. SCHOOLWandaSkeltonwlskelton@philasd.org215-400-7090
HENRY, CHARLES W. SCHOOLMiewLiew-Zhumliewzhu@philasd.org215-400-3480
HESTON, EDWARD SCHOOLCheriHarrisoncaharrison@philasd.org215-400-7290
HIGH SCHOOL OF THE FUTUREDeniseDeloatchddeloatch@philasd.org215-400-7780
HOLME, THOMAS SCHOOLKimberlyKalpokaskakalpokas@philasd.org215-400-3130
HOPKINSON, FRANCIS SCHOOLJeanetteKaechelejkaechele@philasd.org215-400-3970
HOUSTON, HENRY H. SCHOOLDannetteRiversdrivers2@philasd.org215-400-3490
HOWE, JULIA WARD SCHOOLMonicaKennedy-Bentleymrkennedybentley@philasd.org215-400-3650
HUNTER, WILLIAM H. SCHOOLKeidyOrtiz-Maldonadokortiz@philasd.org215-400-7110
JACKSON, ANDREW SCHOOLZenaidaSerranozserrano@philasd.org215-400-7970
JENKS ACADEMY ARTS & SCIENCESSharroneCottlescottle@philasd.org215-400-3360
JENKS, ABRAM SCHOOLJenniferJacksonjformiglia@philasd.org215-400-8240
JUNIATA PARK ACADEMYNicoleDeoleondeoleo@philasd.org215-400-7010
JUNIATA PARK ACADEMYDamarisMontanodmontano@philasd.org215-400-7010
KEARNY, GEN. PHILIP SCHOOLEarthaMackepmack@philasd.org215-400-7590
KELLEY, WILLIAM D. SCHOOLMableHudginsmhudgins@philasd.org215-400-7370
KELLY, JOHN B. SCHOOLAndreaDrummondaadrummond@philasd.org215-400-3580
KENDERTON ELEMENTARYSyidaJohnsonsljohnson@philasd.org215-400-8340
KENSINGTON CAPAInesVegaivega@philasd.org215-400-7400
KENSINGTON HEALTH SCIENCESJudithRodriguezjurodriguez@philasd.org215-400-3600
KENSINGTON HIGH SCHOOLEvelynMercadoemercado@philasd.org215-400-7700
KENSINGTON HIGH SCHOOLMigdaliaRiosmrios@philasd.org215-400-7700
KEY, FRANCIS SCOTT SCHOOLMariaLandimlandi@philasd.org215-400-8250
KING, MARTIN LUTHER HIGH SCH.SharonBrownshabrown@philasd.org215-400-3500
KIRKBRIDE, ELIZA B. SCHOOLMelanieRiccomricco@philasd.org215-400-7980
LAMBERTON,ROBERT E. ELEMENTARYPatriciaBennettpbennett@philasd.org215-400-7530
LANKENAU HIGH SCHOOLVanessaNixonvnixon@philasd.org215-400-3420
LEA, HENRY C.ThermuthisLeetlee@philasd.org215-400-7660
LINCOLN, ABRAHAM HIGH SCHOOLLatifaBarneslbarnes2@philasd.org215-400-3300
LINCOLN, ABRAHAM HIGH SCHOOLZaidaBones-Dejesuszbonesdejesus@philasd.org215-400-3300
LINCOLN, ABRAHAM HIGH SCHOOLSierraDysonsndyson@philasd.org215-400-3300
LINGELBACH, ANNA L. SCHOOLBrendaThomasbjthomas@philasd.org215-400-3630
LOCKE, ALAIN SCHOOLTakiaAdamstcadams@philasd.org215-400-7670
LOESCHE, WILLIAM H. SCHOOLSylviaCruzslcruz@philasd.org215-400-3020
LOESCHE, WILLIAM H. SCHOOLKellyannRedickkredick@philasd.org215-400-3020
LOGAN, JAMES SCHOOLVeronicaMorinevmorine@philasd.org215-400-3670
LONGSTRETH, WILLIAM C. SCHOOLShaileeyaYanceysyancey@philasd.org215-400-7870
LOWELL, JAMES R. SCHOOLFaithEmmettfemmett@philasd.org215-400-3740
LUDLOW, JAMES R. SCHOOLCharmaineHoward-Coxchowardcox@philasd.org215-400-7430
MARSHALL, JOHN SCHOOLUniqueRatcliffuratcliff@philasd.org215-400-3950
MARSHALL, THURGOOD SCHOOLNicoleWermuthnmccarthy@philasd.org215-400-3770
MASTBAUM, JULES E. HIGH SCHOOLJaniceHartjhart@philasd.org215-400-7220
MASTERMAN,JULIA R. HIGH SCHOOLDeniseFennelldfennell@philasd.org215-400-7580
MASTERMAN,JULIA R. HIGH SCHOOLTaraMcIntyretmcintyre@philasd.org215-400-7580
MAYFAIR SCHOOLBarbaraHaysbhays@philasd.org215-400-3280
MAYFAIR SCHOOLStaceyRebechisrebechi@philasd.org215-400-3280
MAYFAIR SCHOOLChantelWilsoncwilson4@philasd.org215-400-3280
MC CLURE, ALEXANDER K. SCHOOLDeboraLopezdlopez@philasd.org215-400-3870
MC MICHAEL, MORTON SCHOOLLe'VonWilliamslwilliams13@philasd.org215-400-7750
MCCALL, GEN. GEORGE A. SCHOOLPatriciaTrasattiptrasatti@philasd.org215-400-7840
MCCLOSKEY, JOHN F. SCHOOLAkeleahBrent-Covilabrentcovil@philasd.org215-400-3380
MCDANIEL, DELAPLAINE SCHOOLToni-AnnPhillipstsphillips@philasd.org215-400-8220
MEADE, GEN. GEORGE G. SCHOOLSharonBowesbowe@philasd.org215-400-7310
MEEHAN, AUSTIN MIDDLE SCHOOLRebeccaDesoirdesoi@philasd.org215-400-3240
MEREDITH, WILLIAM M. SCHOOLCheriJoneschejones@philasd.org215-400-7990
MIFFLIN, THOMAS SCHOOLKathleenSmithksanford@philasd.org215-400-3830
MITCHELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLMicheleMarushikmmarushik@philasd.org215-400-7880
MOFFET, JOHN SCHOOLMilagrosVelez-Ardonmvelezardon@philasd.org215-400-7390
MOORE, J. HAMPTON SCHOOLDianeFalsettadfalsetta@philasd.org215-400-3180
MOORE, J. HAMPTON SCHOOLKathleenPetersonkpeterson@philasd.org215-400-3180
MORRIS, ROBERT SCHOOLShadiraRhodessrhodes@philasd.org215-400-7320
MORRISON, ANDREW J. SCHOOLCassandraGonzalezcgonzalez@philasd.org215-400-3780
MORTON, THOMAS G. SCHOOLJoanScirrottojscirrotto@philasd.org215-400-8160
MUNOZ-MARIN, HON LUIS SCHOOLPaulaRamosparamos@philasd.org215-400-3920
NEBINGER, GEORGE W. SCHOOLMarleneGonzalezmgonzalez2@philasd.org215-400-8110
NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOLRhondaCarterrcarter3@philasd.org215-400-3200
NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOLDoraGonzalez Pazdgonzalezpaz@philasd.org215-400-3200
NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOLNataliaLacroixnlacroix@philasd.org215-400-3200
OLNEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOLGwendolynStephensgstephens@philasd.org215-400-3790
OVERBROOK EDUCATIONAL CENTERBonitaClough Lilesbcloughliles@philasd.org215-400-7540
OVERBROOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOLDaleMobleydamobley@philasd.org215-400-7520
OVERBROOK HIGH SCHOOLTymeiaAndersontanderson@philasd.org215-400-7300
PARKWAY C.C. MIDDLE COLLEGEDebraLeedlee2@philasd.org215-400-7620
PARKWAY WEST HIGH SCHOOLPamelaWhitepwhite@philasd.org215-400-7710
PARKWAY-NORTHWEST HIGH SCHOOLTaraJonestajones@philasd.org215-400-3390
PATTERSON, JOHN M. SCHOOLJanelleTalleyjtalley@philasd.org215-400-8190
PEIRCE, THOMAS M. SCHOOLRoxanneJoynerrjoyner@philasd.org215-400-7020
PENN ALEXANDER SCHOOLAnjannetteBullockabullock@philasd.org215-400-7760
PENN TREATY HIGH SCHOOLFrancesApontefaponte@philasd.org215-400-3800
PENNELL, JOSEPH ELEMENTARYMariaNegronmmnegron@philasd.org215-400-3680
PENNYPACKER, SAMUEL SCHOOLTadreyaLeatherburytleatherbury@philasd.org215-400-3510
PENROSE SCHOOLAlanaBarrettaabarretta@philasd.org215-400-8310
PHILA LEARNING ACADEMY-NORTHSerenaWilliamsswright@philasd.org215-400-9050
PHILA LEARNING ACADEMY-SOUTHShamikaWilliamsswilliams9@philasd.org215-400-9070
PHILADELPHIA MILITARY ACADEMYMarcelineBien-Aimembienaime@philasd.org215-400-7420
POLLOCK, ROBERT B. SCHOOLAnnaJordanamjordan@philasd.org215-400-3210
POTTER-THOMAS SCHOOLDanielleMitchelldmitchell2@philasd.org215-400-7120
POWEL, SAMUEL SCHOOLJeanetteFelder-Hadleyjfelder@philasd.org215-400-7740
PRINCE HALL SCHOOLKellieDupree Ekpajikdupreeekpaji@philasd.org215-400-3690
RANDOLPH TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOLChastityCipriancciprian@philasd.org215-400-3840
RHAWNHURST SCHOOLLeslieStoneslmbrown@philasd.org215-400-3220
RHOADS, JAMES SCHOOLSarahCrockerscrocker@philasd.org215-400-7680
RHODES ELEMENTARY SCHOOLAshleyWilsonacwilson@philasd.org215-400-7060
RICHMOND SCHOOLPatriciaMcErleanpmcerlean@philasd.org215-400-7150
RICHMOND SCHOOLDamarisRodriguezdrodriguez@philasd.org215-400-7150
ROBESON, PAUL HIGH SCHOOLValerieTerryvdterry@philasd.org215-400-7790
ROOSEVELT ELEMENTARY SCHOOLLa-ShelleLatham-Gordonllathamgordon@philasd.org215-400-3640
ROWEN, WILLIAM SCHOOLB. MarlaWoodberrymwoodberry@philasd.org215-400-3550
ROXBOROUGH HIGH SCHOOLPatriceFerreirapferreira@philasd.org215-400-3400
SAUL, WALTER B. HIGH SCHOOLPriscillaTurnerpturner@philasd.org215-400-3450
SAYRE, WILLIAM L. HIGH SCHOOLPamelaFairfaxpfairfax@philasd.org215-400-7800
SCIENCE LDSHP ACADEMY @ BEEBERRoshekaMullinsrmullins@philasd.org215-400-7270
SCIENCE LEADERSHIP ACADEMYDianeLogiudicedalcaro@philasd.org215-400-7831
SCIENCE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY MSKathleenSpencerkspencer4@philasd.org215-400-8320
SHARSWOOD, GEORGE SCHOOLMarianneConnellmwarnockconnell@philasd.org215-400-8220
SHAWMONT SCHOOLVickiCohenvcohen@philasd.org215-400-3440
SHEPPARD, ISAAC A. SCHOOLIbelisTorres-Sotoitorressoto@philasd.org215-400-7070
SHERIDAN, PHILIP H. SCHOOLMariaRodriguezmarodriguez@philasd.org215-400-7160
SOLIS-COHEN, SOLOMON SCHOOLLegnimarCandelariolcandelario2@philasd.org215-400-3250
SOLIS-COHEN, SOLOMON SCHOOLSharonEvanssevans@philasd.org215-400-3250
SOUTH PHILADELPHIA HIGH SCHOOLArlenePaganapagan@philasd.org215-400-8400
SOUTHWARK SCHOOLRoseRodriguezrrodriguez2@philasd.org215-400-8280
SOUTHWARK SCHOOLAzirayaSpurillaspurill@philasd.org215-400-8280
SPRING GARDEN SCHOOLDeborahMasseydmassey@philasd.org215-400-7610
SPRUANCE, GILBERT SCHOOLBettyHamptonbfhampton@philasd.org215-400-3290
SPRUANCE, GILBERT SCHOOLMargaret AnneKingmaking@philasd.org215-400-3290
STANTON, EDWIN M. SCHOOLPatriciaSheridanpsheridan@philasd.org215-400-7960
STEARNE, ALLEN M. SCHOOLDianneSwaindswain@philasd.org215-400-3980
STEEL, EDWARD T. SCHOOLHelenMoisehmoise@philasd.org215-400-3910
STRAWBERRY MANSION HIGH SCHOOLShaheedAustinsraustin@philasd.org215-400-7020
SULLIVAN, JAMES J. SCHOOLShariIngramsingram@philasd.org215-400-3960
SWENSON ARTS/TECH HIGH SCHOOLCarolMcLaughlincmurray@philasd.org215-400-3140
TAGGART, JOHN H. SCHOOLMariaPerezmjperez@philasd.org215-400-8290
TAYLOR, BAYARD SCHOOLCarmenBurgoscburgos@philasd.org215-400-3880
THE LINCJessicaNotisjnotis@philasd.org215-400-3940
THE U SCHOOLLisetteRiveralrivera@philasd.org215-400-7460
THE WORKSHOP SCHOOLJessicaPattonjpatton@philasd.org215-400-7730
TILDEN MIDDLE SCHOOLDonnaBethadjbetha@philasd.org215-400-8170
VARE-WASHINGTON ELEMENTARYKathleenSnyderksnyder@philasd.org215-400-8120
WAGNER, GEN. LOUIS MIDDLE SCH.TraceyMcIntoshtmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-3560
WARING, LAURA W. SCHOOLSherlySmithshesmith@philasd.org215-400-7560
WASHINGTON, GEORGE HIGH SCHOOLSchmaelePaulectionspaulection2@philasd.org215-400-3100
WASHINGTON, GEORGE HIGH SCHOOLSuzetteVeintidossveintidos@philasd.org215-400-3100
WASHINGTON, GROVER JR. MIDDLEAlemairaAndino-Whitakeraandino@philasd.org215-400-3820
WASHINGTON, MARTHA SCHOOLColleenBaconcbacon@philasd.org215-400-7770
WEBSTER, JOHN H. SCHOOLElizabethCapcinoecapcino@philasd.org215-400-7170
WELSH, JOHN SCHOOLMigdaliaAlvarezmalvarez@philasd.org215-400-7130
WEST PHILADELPHIA HIGH SCHOOLElaineRansom-Goodmaneransomgoodman@philasd.org215-400-7900
WIDENER MEMORIAL SCHOOLDeborahSquiresdsquires@philasd.org215-400-3710
WILLARD, FRANCES E. SCHOOLJoselinaJimenez-Peraltajjimenezperalta@philasd.org215-400-7180
WILSON, WOODROW MIDDLE SCHOOLAidaHernandezahernandez@philasd.org215-400-3190
WILSON, WOODROW MIDDLE SCHOOLChellerinaThaxtonccolbert@philasd.org215-400-3190
WRIGHT, RICHARD R. SCHOOLAnneQuinnanquinn@philasd.org215-400-7030
ZIEGLER, WILLIAM H. SCHOOLLakishaWashingtonlwashington2@philasd.org215-400-3260


School Counselors are here to support your child’s academic, career and social-emotional needs. They are available to provide assistance with removing any barriers your child may be experiencing. School Counselors may also provide assistance with the School Selection process, 504 planning, the Intensive Behavior Health Services (IBHS) program, access to behavioral health resources, college and career planning, emergency housing resources and more.

Work Hours

Counselor work hours are the same as their school. School hours are listed on each school’s website. School websites can be found in the School Directory.

The best way for families to contact their student’s counselor is to email them. Please use the School Counselors Directory below to find your school’s counselor.

School Counselors Directory

* For non-English speaking families – Click Here

School NameLast NameFirst NameEmail Address
A.S. Jenks Academics Plus
Academy At
Academy At
Amy 5 At James
Amy 5 At James
Anna B. Day SchoolBelton
Anna B. Day
Anne Frank
Anna B. Day
Arts Academy At Benjamin
Austin Meehan Middle
Austin Meehan Middle
Austin Meehan Middle
Baldi Middle
Baldi Middle
Baldi Middle
Barry Elementary SchoolButler
Barry Elementary
Bartram High
Bartram High
Bartram High
Benjamin Franklin Elem.
Benjamin Franklin High
Benjamin Franklin High
Bodine High
Bodine High
Cassidy Academics
Central High
Central High
Central High
Central High
Central High
Clemente Middle
Clemente Middle
Constitution High
Conwell Middle
Cooke Elementary
Cooke Elementary
Creative And Performing
Creative And Performing
Crossroads @ Hunting
Crossroads Accelerated
De Burgos
De Burgos
Decatur SchoolPrado
Dobbins High
Dobbins High
Edison High
Edison High
Edison High
Edison High
Engineering & Science High
Engineering & Science High
Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen SchoolMarks
Ethel Allen
Ethel Allen
F.S. Edmonds
Fels High
Fels High
Fels High
Feltonville Arts &
Feltonville Arts &
Fitler Academics
Fox Chase
Frankford High
Frankford High SchoolVan
Frankford High
Franklin Learning
Franklin Learning
Furness High
Furness High
George Washington High
George Washington High
George Washington High
George Washington High
George Washington High
Girard Academic Music
Girard Academic Music
Grover Washington Jr.
Grover Washington Jr.
Grover Washington Jr.
H.A. Brown Academics Plus
Hancock Demonstration
Harding Middle
Harding Middle
Harding Middle
High School Of The
High School Of The
Hill-Freedman World
Hill-Freedman World
Howe Academics Plus
J.B. Kelly
J.B. Kelly
J.B. Kelly
J.H. Brown Academics Plus
J.H. Moore
J.H. Moore
Jenks Academy Arts &
John Marshall
John Marshall
Juniata Park
Juniata Park
Juniata Park
Kensington Health
Kensington Health
Kensington Health
Kensington High
Kensington High
Lankenau High
Lincoln High
Lincoln High
Lincoln High
Lincoln High SchoolWardlaw
Ludlow Elementary SchoolCarr
Martha Washington Academics
Martin L. King High
Martin L. King High
Martin L. King High
Mastbaum High
Masterman High
Masterman High
Masterman High
Mc Michael
Mc Michael
Mccall SchoolBeebe
Middle Years
Mifflin, Thomas
Mitchell Elementary
Motivation High
Northeast High
Northeast High
Northeast High
Northeast High
Northeast High SchoolSylva
Northeast High
Olney Elementary
Olney Elementary
Overbrook Educational
Overbrook Elementary
Overbrook High
Overbrook High
Parkway C.C. Middle
Parkway C.C. Middle
Parkway West High
Parkway West High
Parkway-Northwest High
Penn Alexander
Penn Treaty High
Penn Treaty High
Phila High School For
Phila High School For
Phila Juv Justice Svcs
Phila Learning
Phila Learning
Phila Learning
Philadelphia Military
Philadelphia Virtual
Philadelphia Virtual
Prince Hall
Randolph Technical High
Rhodes Elementary
Rhodes Elementary
Robeson High
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roxborough High
Roxborough High
Roxborough High
Sayre High
Sayre High
Science Ldshp Academy @
Science Ldshp Academy @
Science Ldshp Academy @
Science Leadership
Science Leadership
Science Leadership Academy
South Philadelphia High
South Philadelphia High
Spring Garden
Strawberry Mansion High
Strawberry Mansion High
Swenson Arts/Tech High
Swenson Arts/Tech High
The U
The Workshop
Tilden Middle
Thurgood Marshall
Vaux Big Picture High
W. B. Saul High
Wagner Middle
Wagner Middle
West Philadelphia High
West Philadelphia High
Widener Memorial
William Dick
Wilson Middle
Wilson Middle
Wilson Middle

School Nurses

School nurses help students understand normal growth and development by promoting health and safety. They intervene with health issues by providing case management services. They actively work with both the medical and educational communities to promote each student’s optimal level of physical, mental and social wellness. School Nurses encourage success and achievement during and beyond the school setting.

Work Hours

School Nurse work hours are the same as their school. School hours are listed on each school’s website. School websites can be found in the School Directory.

The best way for families to contact their student’s School Nurse is to email them. Please use the School Nurse Directory below to find your school’s nurse.

School Nurses Directory

* For non-English speaking families – Click Here

School NameLast NameFirst NameEmail Address
Academy at
Academy at Palumbo
Allen, Ethan
Overbrook Preschool and
Amy @ James
Academy of the Arts at
Al-Aqsa Islamic
Brown, H.
Brown, J.
Excel Academy
CayugaO'BrienMarjorie (Meg)vacancy
Central HS
Clemente MS/
Constitution High
Conwell MSHoganKelsievacancy
Crossroads at Meade (4300 Westminster)
PLA South 4300
Edmonds, F.
El Centrol de
Excel Academy
Fel HS
Ann Frank
Frankford HS
BEN Franklin
Ben Franklin Elementary
Cristo Rey Phila.
Gateway to
Carver (HSES)
Hill-Freedman Academy World
Jenks, J.
Jenks, A.
Juniata Park
Juniata Park
Kelly, J. B.
Kensington Health
Kensington Urban
Liguori Academy
Marshall, Thurgood
Mayfair Overflow(Meehan)
MYA (@ Sulzberger)
Feltonville Academy of Arts &
Motivation High
Northeast High
Northeast High
Northeast High
One Bright Ray/
One Bright Ray/
One Bright Ray/
Overbrook Ed.
Parkway West (Sulzberger)
Peirce, T.
Strawberry Mansion
Community Council
Crossroads at Hunting
PLA North @
The Virtual
Potter-ThomasDiblasi (Bradley)
High School of the
Science Leadership Academy @Beeber (HS)
Science Leadership Academy MSLeeHelen(Hae Ryon)
South Phila HS
The U
The Workshop
Washington HS
West Phila
Widener Memvacancy
Archbishop Ryan
Blessed Trinity (St. Timothy/PJP)
Calvary Temple
Cedar Grove
Christ the
City School @
City School @
City School @ Spruce Hill (K-4)
Community Partnership
Cornerstone Christian
Greene Street
Greene Towne
Holy Innocents/St.
Hope Partnership
Hunting Park Christian
International Christian HS/Cedar Grove
Mary Mother of Peace/ St.
Mercy Vocational
Mother of Divine
Nazareth Academy
Nazareth Academy
Our Lady of
Our Lady of
Our Lady of Port
Our Mother of
Our Mother of Sorrow/St.
Politz Hebrew
Red Lion
Resurrection (OL of Ransom)
Roman Catholic
Roxborough Christian
Saint Maria Goretti/St. John
Saint Martin de Porres/
Saint Martin of
Saint Mary's
Saint Peter
Saint Rose of
Science Leadership Academy
St. Frances Cabrini(St Donato)
St. Francis De
St. Francis
St. Helena -
St. Hubert
St. James
St. Katherine of
St. Peters Lombard
St. Thomas
The Bridge Way
The Philadelphia Classical
The Philadelphia
Waldorf School of
West Catholic

Family Engagement Liaisons

The District’s Family Engagement Liaisons provide parents with support in many ways. They strive to help solve issues, address concerns, provide information, connect the right people, and generally make things work more smoothly for families. Specifically, Family Engagement Liaisons:

  • Facilitate the resolution of parent concerns
  • Assist with navigating programs, services, policies, and procedures
  • Host parent workshops and events

Work Hours

Family Engagement Liaisons are available every school day from 8:00 AM – 3:45 PM. Outside of these hours please leave a voicemail or contact your liaison by email.

The best way for families to contact their school’s Family Engagement Liaison is to email them. Please use the Family Engagement Liaison Directory below to find your school’s Liaison.

Family Engagement Liaisons

* For non-English speaking families – Click Here
**For all Opportunity Network Schools, please reach out to Eunice Senion at

School NameLiaisonLiaison EmailLiaison Phone
A.S. JenksKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
AdaireKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
AMY at MartinMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
AMY at NorthwestKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
Anne FrankJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
ArthurLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
Bache-MartinKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
BaldiMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
BarryNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
BartonCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
BartramVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
BethuneRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
BlaineVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
BlankenburgGhandi Powell-Thompsongpowell@philasd.org215-400-7280
BodineLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
BregyLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
BridesburgJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
Building 21Joy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
CAPAVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
CarnellCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
CarverJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
CassidyLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
CatharineLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
CayugaDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
CentralVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
ChaseJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
ChildsAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
ClementeLisa Wadelwade@philasd.org215-400-3930
ComegysJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
ComlyJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
ConstitutionKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
ConwellMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
Cook-WissahickonJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
CookeSherria Wattssmansellwatts@philasd.org215-400-8330
CrampLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
CrossanJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
DayJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
De BurgosLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
DecaturJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
DisstonJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
DobbinsJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
DobsonJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
DuckreyVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
DunbarMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
EdisonCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
EdmondsJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
ElkinLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
EllwoodMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
EmlenMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
Ethan AllenJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
Ethel AllenMaryann Cobbmcobb@philasd.org215-400-7040
FarrellJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
FellNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
FelsJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
Feltonville IntLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
FinletterJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
FitlerDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
FitzpatrickJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
FLCDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
ForrestCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
FrankfordJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
Franklin HSDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
Franklin K8Carmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
FSASLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
FurnessAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
GAMPJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
George WashingtonJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
GideonRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
GirardNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
GirlsRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
GompersJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
GreenbergKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
GreenfieldJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
Grover WashingtonMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
HackettRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
HamiltonCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
HancockLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
HardingJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
HarringtonNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
HartranftDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
HenryMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
Henry BrownJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
Hill-FreedmanDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
HolmeDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
HopkinsonLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
HoustonMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
HoweMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
HunterDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
J.S. JenksMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
JacksonMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
John MarshallVacant-SISL1Vacant-SISL1
Joseph BrownDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
Juniata ParkLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
KearnyKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
KelleyRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
KellyDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
KendertonJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
Kensington CAPACarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
Kensington H.S.Jaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
Kensington HealthDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
KeyAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
KirkbrideAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
LambertonAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
LankenauRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
LawtonJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
LeaAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
LINCLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
LincolnMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
LingelbachMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
LockeJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
LoescheVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
LoganDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
LongstrethLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
LowellCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
LudlowKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
Martha WashingtonLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
MastbaumRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
MastermanMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
MayfairJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
McCallMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
McCloskeyDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
McClureDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
McKinleyDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
McMichaelNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
MeadeKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
MeehanJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
MeredithMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
MifflinJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
MitchellJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
MLKLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
MoffetLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
MooreMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
MorrisMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
MorrisonAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
MortonCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
MotivationDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
Munoz-MarinLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
MYANatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
NebingerKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
NortheastJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
OlneyLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
Overbrook ECKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
Overbrook ElemNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
Overbrook HighCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
PalumboMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
Parkway C.C.Rasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
Parkway N.W.Rasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
Parkway W.Natasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
PattersonCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
PeirceJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
Penn AlexanderNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
Penn TreatyKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
PennellMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
PennypackerMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
PenroseAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
PLANLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
PLASLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
PMANatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
PollockJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
Potter-ThomasRosa Lopezrlopez@philasd.org215-400-7120
PowelJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
Prince HallDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
PVAJoy McIntoshjmcintosh@philasd.org215-400-5888
RandolphVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
RhawnhurstNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
RhoadsSovanrith Ngorsnogr@philasd.org215-400-3910
RichmondJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
RobesonJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
RooseveltGinger Glass-Mcintyregeglass@philasd.org215-400-3640
RowenDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
RoxboroughJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
RushVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
SaulLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
SayreDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
School of the FutureJohn Hollandjholland@philasd.org215-400-5878
SharswoodNatasha Dyendye@philasd.org215-400-5853
ShawmontDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
SheppardJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
SheridanDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
SLAJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
SLA at BeeberLuQman Abdullahlabdullah@philasd.org215-400-5852
SLAMSVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
Solis-CohenDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
South PhiladelphiaAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
SouthwarkAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
Spring GardenRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
SpruanceKrystal Clarkklclark@philasd.org215-400-5857
StantonAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
StearneJaime Serranojlserrano@philasd.org215-400-5898
SteelHelen Moisehmoise@philasd.org215-400-3910
Strawberry MansionVictoria Trowervtrower@philasd.org215-400-5865
SullivanXiomara Dayexdaye@philasd.org215-400-7880
SwensonMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
TaggartLinda Maldonadolmaldonado@philasd.org215-400-5863
TaylorDalila Bedoyadbedoya@philasd.org215-400-5866
Thurgood MarshallCarmen Colonccolon@philasd.org215-400-5877
TildenAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
U SchoolMelanie Oeun-Greenhalghnoeun@philasd.org215-400-5879
Vare-WashingtonDarlene Bates-Harperdbatesharper@philasd.org215-400-5883
Vaux HighAngela Butlerabutler@philasd.org215-400-5856
WagnerMaimouna Gueye Ep Fayemgueyeepfaye@philasd.org215-400-5855
WaringJaemin Kalljkall@philasd.org215-400-5867
WebsterRasheeda Hancockrhancock@philasd.org215-400-5864
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Bilingual Counseling Assistants

Bilingual Counseling Assistants (BCAs) work hard each day to support families, students, and staff in schools. They offer interpretation and translation services to multilingual families. They organize and/or facilitate family training and workshops that help families become aware, knowledgeable, and confident in supporting their child’s academic experience. BCAs work not only to serve as a bridge between families and schools, but they often go above and beyond the call of duty to really address the needs of multilingual families.

Work Hours

Bilingual Counseling Assistant work hours are the same as their school. School hours are listed on each school’s website. School websites can be found in the School Directory.

The best way for families to contact their School’s Bilingual Counseling Assistant is to email them. Please use the BCA Directory below to find your school’s BCA.

Bilingual Counseling Assistant Directory

* For support with languages or schools not listed below – Click Here

SchoolDay AssignedLanguageBCAEmail
Academy At Palumbo - 2620MondayMandarinSiu-Ming
Academy At Palumbo - 2620TuesdayCantoneseMacy
Academy At Palumbo - 2620TuesdaySpanishElizabeth
Academy At Palumbo - 2620WednesdayKhmerPolyka
Academy At Palumbo - 2620WednesdaySpanishYurizán
Academy At Palumbo - 2620ThursdayMandarinSiu-Ming
Academy At Palumbo - 2620ThursdayIndonesianMegawati
Academy At Palumbo - 2620ThursdayVietnameseChau
Allen, Ethan School - 8200FridayPortugueseIanca Santana SouzaIn-process
Allen, Ethan School - 8200MondayArabicOhood
Allen, Ethan School - 8200TuesdaySpanishIris Negró
Allen, Ethan School - 8200ThursdayMandarinMing-Hui
Allen, Ethan School - 8200ThursdaySpanishIris Negró
Bache-Martin School - 2210WednesdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Baldi Middle School - 8160MondayUzbekHeela
Baldi Middle School - 8160TuesdayUkrainianIllya
Baldi Middle School - 8160MondayRussianTamara
Baldi Middle School - 8160TuesdayArabicOhood
Baldi Middle School - 8160TuesdayRussianTamara
Baldi Middle School - 8160TuesdaySpanishMayra
Baldi Middle School - 8160WednesdayAlbanianLeonidha
Baldi Middle School - 8160WednesdayMandarinLiru
Baldi Middle School - 8160WednesdayMalayalamElizabeth
Baldi Middle School - 8160ThursdayPortugueseFlaviane
Baldi Middle School - 8160ThursdayRussianTamara
Baldi Middle School - 8160FridayArabicOhood
Baldi Middle School - 8160FridayRussianTamara
Barton School - 7200MondaySpanishRobert
Barton School - 7200WednesdaySpanishRobert
Barton School - 7200ThursdayArabicAli
Barton School - 7200FridaySpanishRobert
Bartram, John High School - 1010WednesdayFrenchPenda
Bartram, John High School - 1010TuesdaySpanishChristina
Bethune, Mary Mcleod School - 7510TuesdaySpanishUrsula
Bethune, Mary Mcleod School - 7510ThursdaySpanishUrsula
Bodine, William W. High School - 5150FridaySpanishAngel
Brown, Henry A. School - 5210MondayVietnameseManhban
Brown, Joseph H. School - 8210WednesdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Carnell, Laura H. School - 7220TuesdayPortugueseDaiani
Carnell, Laura H. School - 7220TuesdayArabicNabila
Carnell, Laura H. School - 7220TuesdaySpanishJohn
Carnell, Laura H. School - 7220WednesdaySpanishJohn
Carnell, Laura H. School - 7220ThursdaySpanishJohn
Catharine, Joseph School - 1250WednesdaySpanishElizabeth
Catharine, Joseph School - 1250ThursdaySpanishChristina
Cayuga School - 5490MondaySpanishIvette Ló
Cayuga School - 5490FridaySpanishIvette Ló
Central High School - 6010MondayMandarinChengyi
Central High School - 6010MondayVietnameseChau
Central High School - 6010TuesdayMandarinChengyi
Central High School - 6010TuesdayCantoneseMarie Kong
Central High School - 6010WednesdayMandarinChengyi
Central High School - 6010WednesdayRussianTamara
Central High School - 6010ThursdayAlbanianLeonidha
Central High School - 6010ThursdayMandarinXin
Central High School - 6010ThursdayMandarinChengyi
Central High School - 6010FridayMandarinChengyi
Central High School - 6010FridayMandarinXiao
Central High School - 6010FridayCantoneseMarie Kong
Childs, George W. School - 2260TuesdaySpanishMargarita
Childs, George W. School - 2260ThursdayKhmerSotha
Childs, George W. School - 2260ThursdaySpanishMargarita
Childs, George W. School - 2260ThursdayVietnameseLoan
Comly, Watson School - 8370WednesdayRussianYulduz
Constitution High School - 2670ThursdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Constitution High School - 2670ThursdaySpanishElizabeth
Conwell, Russell Middle School - 5230MondaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Cooke, Jay Elementary School - 7100WednesdaySpanishAlida
Cramp, William School - 5470MondaySpanishJulia
Cramp, William School - 5470TuesdaySpanishJulia
Cramp, William School - 5470ThursdaySpanishJulia
Cramp, William School - 5470FridaySpanishJulia
Decatur, Stephen School - 8420MondayMandarinSu
Disston, Hamilton School - 8240TuesdaySpanishHeyda
Disston, Hamilton School - 8240ThursdaySpanishHeyda
Edison, Thomas A. High School - 5020MondaySpanishVanessa Coló
Edison, Thomas A. High School - 5020TuesdaySpanishVanessa Coló
Edison, Thomas A. High School - 5020ThursdaySpanishVanessa Coló
Edison, Thomas A. High School - 5020FridaySpanishVanessa Coló
Elkin, Lewis School - 5260TuesdaySpanishIris Pagá
Elkin, Lewis School - 5260WednesdaySpanishIris Pagá
Elkin, Lewis School - 5260ThursdaySpanishIris Pagá
Engineering & Science High - 4030FridaySpanishIrisyarelisse
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380MondayAlbanianLeonidha
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380MondayArabicRadwan
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380MondayPortugueseIanca Santana SouzaIn-process
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380TuesdayMandarinXin
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380TuesdayPortugueseIanca Santana SouzaIn-process
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380TuesdayRussianSviatlana
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380TuesdaySpanishRosío
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380TuesdayUzbekHeela
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380WednesdayArabicRadwan
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380WednesdayCantoneseMacy
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380WednesdayUkrainianIllya
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380ThursdaySpanishRosío
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380FridayAlbanianLeonidha
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380FridayArabicRadwan
Farrell, Louis H. School - 8380FridayPashto/ DariHamed
Fell, D. Newlin School - 2190TuesdayVietnameseManhban
Fell, D. Newlin School - 2190FridayKhmerSotha
Fell, D. Newlin School - 2190MondayMandarinVittorio
Fell, D. Newlin School - 2190MondaySpanishGloria
Fell, D. Newlin School - 2190WednesdayMandarinVittorio
Fell, D. Newlin School - 2190FridayMandarinVittorio
Fell, D. Newlin School - 2190FridaySpanishGloria
Fels, Samuel High School - 7120MondaySpanishAraceli
Fels, Samuel High School - 7120MondayVietnameseAmanda
Fels, Samuel High School - 7120WednesdaySpanishAraceli
Fels, Samuel High School - 7120ThursdayVietnameseAmanda
Fels, Samuel High School - 7120FridaySpanishAraceli
Feltonville Arts & Sciences - 7500MondaySpanishAlan
Feltonville Arts & Sciences - 7500WednesdaySpanishAlan
Feltonville Arts & Sciences - 7500FridaySpanishAlan
Feltonville Intermediate - 7310MondaySpanishAlida
Feltonville Intermediate - 7310TuesdaySpanishAlida
Feltonville Intermediate - 7310ThursdaySpanishAlida
Feltonville Intermediate - 7310FridaySpanishAlida
Finletter, Thomas K. School - 7270WednesdayKhmerSotha
Finletter, Thomas K. School - 7270FridayVietnameseLoan
Finletter, Thomas K. School - 7270WednesdaySpanishJulia
Fitzpatrick, A. L. School - 8390ThursdayArabicOhood
Forrest, Edwin School - 8250MondayPortugueseDaiani
Forrest, Edwin School - 8250TuesdaySpanishAlan
Forrest, Edwin School - 8250ThursdaySpanishAlan
Fox Chase School - 8260TuesdayArabicMaha
Frank, Anne School - 8400MondayMalayalamElizabeth
Frank, Anne School - 8400MondayRussianSviatlana
Frank, Anne School - 8400MondayUkrainianIllya
Frank, Anne School - 8400TuesdayAlbanianLeonidha
Frank, Anne School - 8400TuesdayMandarinXiao-Rong
Frank, Anne School - 8400WednesdayArabicAli
Frank, Anne School - 8400WednesdayRussianSviatlana
Frank, Anne School - 8400WednesdaySpanishMelissa
Frank, Anne School - 8400ThursdayMandarinXiao-Rong
Frank, Anne School - 8400ThursdayRussianSviatlana
Frank, Anne School - 8400ThursdayUzbekHeela
Frank, Anne School - 8400FridayRussianSviatlana
Frankford High School - 7010MondaySpanishMayra
Frankford High School - 7010WednesdaySpanishMayra
Frankford High School - 7010FridaySpanishMayra
Franklin Learning Center - 2290MondaySpanishLidia
Franklin Learning Center - 2290TuesdayFrenchPenda
Franklin Learning Center - 2290TuesdaySpanishLidia
Franklin Learning Center - 2290WednesdaySpanishLidia
Franklin Learning Center - 2290ThursdayFrenchPenda
Franklin Learning Center - 2290ThursdaySpanishLidia
Franklin Learning Center - 2290FridaySpanishLidia
Franklin, Benjamin School - 7280WednesdaySpanishMargarita
Franklin, Benjamin School - 7280FridaySpanishMargarita
Furness, Horace High School - 2160FridayNepaliHoma
Furness, Horace High School - 2160MondayBurmese/ KarenNaw Ta Blu MooIn-process
Furness, Horace High School - 2160MondayCantoneseMarie Kong
Furness, Horace High School - 2160MondaySpanishYurizán
Furness, Horace High School - 2160TuesdaySpanishYurizán
Furness, Horace High School - 2160WednesdayBurmese/ KarenNaw Ta Blu MooIn-process
Furness, Horace High School - 2160WednesdayMandarinSiu-Ming
Furness, Horace High School - 2160WednesdayIndonesianMegawati
Furness, Horace High School - 2160WednesdayKhmerSay-Hong
Furness, Horace High School - 2160WednesdayNepaliHoma
Furness, Horace High School - 2160ThursdaySpanishYurizán
Furness, Horace High School - 2160FridayBurmese/ KarenNaw Ta Blu MooIn-process
Furness, Horace High School - 2160FridayMandarinSiu-Ming
Furness, Horace High School - 2160FridaySpanishYurizán
Furness, Horace High School - 2160FridayVietnameseChau
Girard Academic Music Program - 2410TuesdayIndonesianMegawati
Girard, Stephen School - 2320TuesdayKhmerSotha
Girard, Stephen School - 2320TuesdayVietnameseLoan
Girard, Stephen School - 2320WednesdaySpanishLuis
Girls, Phila High School For - 6050TuesdaySpanishSonia
Greenberg, Joseph School - 8430ThursdayArabicMaha
Harding, Warren G. Middle Sch - 7110TuesdaySpanishMelissa
Harding, Warren G. Middle Sch - 7110ThursdaySpanishMelissa
Hartranft, John F. School - 5320MondaySpanishJanet de
Hartranft, John F. School - 5320TuesdaySpanishJanet de
Hartranft, John F. School - 5320WednesdaySpanishJanet de
Hartranft, John F. School - 5320ThursdaySpanishJanet de
Hartranft, John F. School - 5320FridaySpanishJanet de
Holme, Thomas School - 8270ThursdaySpanishMayra
Hopkinson, Francis School - 7300TuesdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Hopkinson, Francis School - 7300ThursdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Hopkinson, Francis School - 7300FridaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Hunter, William H. School - 5330MondaySpanishUrsula
Hunter, William H. School - 5330WednesdaySpanishUrsula
Hunter, William H. School - 5330FridaySpanishUrsula
Jackson, Andrew School - 2510TuesdaySpanishSarah
Jackson, Andrew School - 2510WednesdayMandarinXiao
Jackson, Andrew School - 2510WednesdaySpanishSarah
Jackson, Andrew School - 2510ThursdaySpanishSarah
Jenks, Abram School - 2520ThursdayArabicRadwan
Jenks, Abram School - 2520TuesdayMandarinXiao
Jenks, Abram School - 2520FridayIndonesianMegawati
Juniata Park Academy - 7150MondaySpanishShirley
Juniata Park Academy - 7150TuesdaySpanishShirley
Juniata Park Academy - 7150WednesdayArabicOhood
Juniata Park Academy - 7150WednesdaySpanishShirley
Juniata Park Academy - 7150ThursdaySpanishShirley
Juniata Park Academy - 7150ThursdayVietnameseManhban
Juniata Park Academy - 7150FridaySpanishShirley
Kensington Capa - 5520MondaySpanishSarah
Kensington Capa - 5520FridaySpanishSarah
Kensington Health Sciences - 5550TuesdaySpanishGladys Garcí
Kensington Health Sciences - 5550WednesdaySpanishGladys Garcí
Kensington Health Sciences - 5550ThursdaySpanishGladys Garcí
Kensington Health Sciences - 5550FridaySpanishGladys Garcí
Kensington Health Sciences - 5550MondaySpanishGladys Garcí
Kensington High School - 5700MondaySpanishElizabeth
Kensington High School - 5700TuesdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Kensington High School - 5700ThursdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Kensington High School - 5700FridaySpanishElizabeth
Key, Francis Scott School - 2540WednesdayBurmese/ TedimEsther
Key, Francis Scott School - 2540TuesdayKhmerSay-Hong
Key, Francis Scott School - 2540TuesdayNepaliHoma
Key, Francis Scott School - 2540TuesdaySpanishLuis
Key, Francis Scott School - 2540WednesdayVietnameseLoan
Key, Francis Scott School - 2540ThursdaySpanishLuis
Kirkbride, Eliza B. School - 2580MondaySpanishMaría
Kirkbride, Eliza B. School - 2580TuesdaySpanishMaría
Kirkbride, Eliza B. School - 2580WednesdayCantoneseMarie Kong
Kirkbride, Eliza B. School - 2580ThursdaySpanishMaría
Kirkbride, Eliza B. School - 2580FridayKhmerPolyka
Kirkbride, Eliza B. School - 2580FridaySpanishMaría
Kirkbride, Eliza B. School - 2580ThursdayMandarinXiao
Lawton, Henry W. School - 7330TuesdaySpanishIvette Ló
Lawton, Henry W. School - 7330WednesdaySpanishIvette Ló
Lea, Henry C. - 1340MondayFrenchPenda
Lea, Henry C. - 1340TuesdayBengaliAbu Amin
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010MondaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010MondaySpanishMassiel
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010TuesdayArabicAli
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010TuesdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010TuesdaySpanishMassiel
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010WednesdayMandarinXin
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010WednesdayPortugueseMarilia
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010WednesdaySpanishMassiel
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010ThursdaySpanishMassiel
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010FridaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Lincoln, Abraham High School - 8010FridaySpanishMassiel
Locke, Alain School - 1470MondayBengaliAbu Amin
Loesche, William H. School - 8440MondayRussianYulduz
Loesche, William H. School - 8440TuesdayRussianYulduz
Loesche, William H. School - 8440ThursdayRussianYulduz
Loesche, William H. School - 8440FridayRussianYulduz
Loesche, William H. School - 8440WednesdayUzbekHeela
Loesche, William H. School - 8440FridayUkrainianIllya
Loesche, William H. School - 8440FridayUzbekHeela
Lowell, James R. School - 7350MondayKhmerPolyka
Lowell, James R. School - 7350TuesdayVietnameseChau
Lowell, James R. School - 7350ThursdaySpanishIvette Ló
Marshall, Thurgood School - 5500MondaySpanishMelissa
Marshall, Thurgood School - 5500FridaySpanishMelissa
Mastbaum, Jules E. High School - 5060TuesdaySpanishEfraín
Mastbaum, Jules E. High School - 5060ThursdaySpanishEfraín
Masterman,Julia R. High School - 2140MondayMandarinXiao-Rong
Masterman,Julia R. High School - 2140WednesdayMandarinXiao-Rong
Masterman,Julia R. High School - 2140ThursdayCantoneseMarie Kong
Masterman,Julia R. High School - 2140FridayMandarinXiao-Rong
Mayfair School - 8300WednesdaySpanishHeyda
Mayfair School - 8300FridaySpanishHeyda
Mayfair School - 8300MondayArabicNawel
Mayfair School - 8300MondayMandarinYanshuang
Mayfair School - 8300MondayPortugueseFlaviane
Mayfair School - 8300MondaySpanishHeyda
Mayfair School - 8300TuesdayAlbanianNikoleta
Mayfair School - 8300TuesdayMandarinYanshuang
Mayfair School - 8300TuesdayVietnameseAmanda
Mayfair School - 8300WednesdayArabicNawel
Mayfair School - 8300WednesdayMandarinSu
Mayfair School - 8300WednesdayMandarinYanshuang
Mayfair School - 8300ThursdayAlbanianNikoleta
Mayfair School - 8300ThursdayMandarinYanshuang
Mayfair School - 8300FridayArabicNawel
Mayfair School - 8300FridayMandarinSu
Mayfair School - 8300FridayMandarinYanshuang
Mayfair School - 8300FridayPortugueseFlaviane
Mc Call, Gen. George A. School - 2340TuesdayMandarinQi
Mc Call, Gen. George A. School - 2340FridayMandarinQi
Mc Call, Gen. George A. School - 2340MondayMandarinQi
Mc Call, Gen. George A. School - 2340TuesdayMandarinVittorio
Mc Call, Gen. George A. School - 2340WednesdayMandarinQi
Mc Call, Gen. George A. School - 2340ThursdayMandarinQi
Mc Call, Gen. George A. School - 2340ThursdayMandarinVittorio
Mc Clure, Alexander K. School - 7380MondaySpanishIris Negró
Mc Clure, Alexander K. School - 7380WednesdaySpanishIris Negró
Mc Clure, Alexander K. School - 7380FridaySpanishIris Negró
Mckinley, William School - 5350MondaySpanishIris Y. Vé
Mckinley, William School - 5350TuesdaySpanishAraceli
Mckinley, William School - 5350ThursdaySpanishAraceli
Mckinley, William School - 5350TuesdaySpanishIris Y. Vé
Mckinley, William School - 5350WednesdaySpanishIris Y. Vé
Mckinley, William School - 5350ThursdaySpanishIris Y. Vé
Mckinley, William School - 5350FridaySpanishIris Y. Vé
Meehan, Austin Middle School - 8140ThursdaySpanishAna Pé
Moffet, John School - 5370TuesdaySpanishDenismarie Ramos
Moffet, John School - 5370WednesdayArabicMaha
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310MondayArabicAli
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310MondayMandarinMing-Hui
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310MondaySpanishColleen
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310WednesdayPortugueseFlaviane
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310WednesdaySpanishColleen
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310ThursdayCantoneseMacy
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310FridayArabicAli
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310FridayMandarinMing-Hui
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310FridaySpanishColleen
Moore, J. Hampton School - 8310FridayVietnameseAmanda
Morrison, Andrew J. School - 7390MondaySpanishDenismarie Ramos
Morrison, Andrew J. School - 7390FridaySpanishDenismarie Ramos
Nebinger, George W. School - 2590TuesdaySpanishGloria
Nebinger, George W. School - 2590ThursdaySpanishGloria
Northeast High School - 8020TuesdayMandarinShaojuan
Northeast High School - 8020WednesdayMandarinShaojuan
Northeast High School - 8020ThursdayMandarinShaojuan
Northeast High School - 8020FridayCantoneseMacy
Northeast High School - 8020MondayArabicHeba
Northeast High School - 8020MondayMandarinShaojuan
Northeast High School - 8020MondayCantoneseMacy
Northeast High School - 8020MondayRussianYana
Northeast High School - 8020MondaySpanishElsi
Northeast High School - 8020TuesdayArabicHeba
Northeast High School - 8020TuesdayMalayalamElizabeth
Northeast High School - 8020TuesdayPashto/ DariHamed
Northeast High School - 8020TuesdayRussianNino
Northeast High School - 8020TuesdaySpanishElsi
Northeast High School - 8020WednesdayArabicHeba
Northeast High School - 8020WednesdayPashto/ DariHamed
Northeast High School - 8020WednesdaySpanishElsi
Northeast High School - 8020WednesdayVietnameseAmanda
Northeast High School - 8020ThursdayArabicHeba
Northeast High School - 8020ThursdayKhmerSay-Hong
Northeast High School - 8020ThursdayPortugueseMarilia
Northeast High School - 8020ThursdaySpanishElsi
Northeast High School - 8020FridayAlbanianNikoleta
Northeast High School - 8020FridayArabicHeba
Northeast High School - 8020FridayBengaliAbu Amin
Northeast High School - 8020FridayMandarinShaojuan
Northeast High School - 8020FridayFrenchPenda
Northeast High School - 8020FridayMalayalamElizabeth
Northeast High School - 8020FridayPortugueseMarilia
Northeast High School - 8020FridaySpanishElsi
Northeast High School - 8020MondayAlbanianNikoleta
Olney Elementary School - 7400TuesdayKhmerPolyka
Olney Elementary School - 7400TuesdaySpanishAngel
Olney Elementary School - 7400WednesdaySpanishAngel
Olney Elementary School - 7400ThursdaySpanishAngel
Penn Alexander School - 1280TuesdayMandarinMing-Hui
Penn Treaty High School - 5160TuesdaySpanishLaura del
Philadelphia Military Academy - 5050WednesdaySpanishEfraín
Pollock, Robert B. School - 8410WednesdayArabicNabila
Pollock, Robert B. School - 8410ThursdayPortugueseDaiani
Pollock, Robert B. School - 8410ThursdaySpanishSonia
Potter-Thomas School - 5390TuesdaySpanishIrisyarelisse
Potter-Thomas School - 5390ThursdaySpanishIrisyarelisse
Rhawnhurst School - 8360TuesdayMandarinSu
Rhawnhurst School - 8360WednesdayBengaliAbu Amin
Rhawnhurst School - 8360WednesdaySpanishAna Pé
Rhawnhurst School - 8360ThursdayArabicNabila
Rhawnhurst School - 8360ThursdayMandarinSu
Rhawnhurst School - 8360FridayPortugueseDaiani
Richmond School - 5400WednesdayAlbanianNikoleta
Richmond School - 5400WednesdaySpanishVanessa Coló
Sharswood, George School - 2630WednesdayMandarinMing-Hui
Sharswood, George School - 2630WednesdaySpanishGloria
Sheppard, Isaac A. School - 5410ThursdaySpanishLaura del
Sheridan, Philip H. School - 5530MondaySpanishAlejandra
Sheridan, Philip H. School - 5530TuesdaySpanishAlejandra
Sheridan, Philip H. School - 5530WednesdaySpanishAlejandra
Sheridan, Philip H. School - 5530ThursdaySpanishAlejandra
Sheridan, Philip H. School - 5530FridaySpanishAlejandra
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340MondayArabicNabila
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340MondayMandarinLanping
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340MondayPashto/ DariHamed
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340MondayPortugueseMarilia
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340MondaySpanishRosío
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340TuesdayMandarinLanping
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340TuesdayPortugueseMarilia
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340WednesdayMandarinLanping
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340WednesdaySpanishRosío
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340ThursdayMandarinLanping
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340FridayArabicNabila
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340FridayMandarinLanping
Solis-Cohen, Solomon School - 8340FridaySpanishRosío
South Philadelphia H.S. - 2000MondaySpanishChristina
South Philadelphia H.S. - 2000FridayKhmerSay-Hong
South Philadelphia H.S. - 2000FridaySpanishChristina
South Philadelphia H.S. - 2000FridayVietnameseManhban
Southwark School - 2640MondayBurmese/ TedimEsther
Southwark School - 2640MondayMandarinXiao
Southwark School - 2640MondayIndonesianMegawati
Southwark School - 2640MondayKhmerSay-Hong
Southwark School - 2640MondayNepaliHoma
Southwark School - 2640MondaySpanishRodrigo Ferná
Southwark School - 2640MondayVietnameseLoan
Southwark School - 2640TuesdayBurmese/ TedimEsther
Southwark School - 2640TuesdaySpanishRodrigo Ferná
Southwark School - 2640WednesdaySpanishRodrigo Ferná
Southwark School - 2640ThursdayBurmese/ TedimEsther
Southwark School - 2640ThursdaySpanishRodrigo Ferná
Southwark School - 2640FridayBurmese/ TedimEsther
Southwark School - 2640FridaySpanishRodrigo Ferná
Spring Garden School - 5560WednesdaySpanishMaría
Spruance, Gilbert School - 8350TuesdaySpanishAna Pé
Spruance, Gilbert School - 8350FridaySpanishAna Pé
Spruance, Gilbert School - 8350MondayArabicMaha
Spruance, Gilbert School - 8350MondayMandarinXin
Spruance, Gilbert School - 8350MondaySpanishAna Pé
Spruance, Gilbert School - 8350TuesdayPortugueseFlaviane
Spruance, Gilbert School - 8350FridayArabicMaha
Spruance, Gilbert School - 8350FridayMandarinXin
Stearne, Allen M. School - 7290MondaySpanishIrisyarelisse
Stearne, Allen M. School - 7290WednesdaySpanishIrisyarelisse
Sullivan, James J. School - 7430WednesdaySpanishDenismarie Ramos
Sullivan, James J. School - 7430ThursdaySpanishDenismarie Ramos
Swenson Arts/Tech High School - 8090WednesdaySpanishSonia
Taggart, John H. School - 2690MondayKhmerSotha
Taggart, John H. School - 2690MondaySpanishMargarita
Taggart, John H. School - 2690TuesdayBurmese/ KarenNaw Ta Blu MooIn-process
Taggart, John H. School - 2690TuesdayMandarinSiu-Ming
Taggart, John H. School - 2690ThursdayBurmese/ KarenNaw Ta Blu MooIn-process
Taggart, John H. School - 2690ThursdayNepaliHoma
Taylor, Bayard School - 7440MondaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Taylor, Bayard School - 7440WednesdaySpanishVACANTVACANT
Taylor, Bayard School - 7440FridaySpanishVACANTVACANT
The Linc - 5660MondaySpanishEfraín
The Linc - 5660FridaySpanishEfraín
Tilden Middle School - 1130WednesdaySpanishChristina
Vare-Washington Elementary - 2720MondaySpanishLuis
Vare-Washington Elementary - 2720FridaySpanishLuis
Washington, George High School - 8030MondayRussianNino
Washington, George High School - 8030TuesdayRussianYana
Washington, George High School - 8030WednesdayPortugueseDaiani
Washington, George High School - 8030WednesdayRussianYana
Washington, George High School - 8030WednesdayRussianNino
Washington, George High School - 8030ThursdayRussianYana
Washington, George High School - 8030ThursdayRussianNino
Washington, George High School - 8030FridayRussianYana
Washington, George High School - 8030FridayRussianNino
Washington, George High School - 8030MondaySpanishSonia
Washington, George High School - 8030TuesdayArabicRadwan
Washington, George High School - 8030ThursdayMalayalamElizabeth
Washington, George High School - 8030ThursdayUkrainianIllya
Washington, George High School - 8030FridaySpanishSonia
Washington, Grover Jr. Middle - 7370WednesdayVietnameseChau
Washington, Grover Jr. Middle - 7370ThursdayKhmerPolyka
Washington, Grover Jr. Middle - 7370MondaySpanishAngel
Webster, John H. School - 5590MondaySpanishLaura del
Webster, John H. School - 5590WednesdaySpanishLaura del
Webster, John H. School - 5590FridaySpanishLaura del
Welsh, John School - 5420MondaySpanishIris Pagá
Welsh, John School - 5420FridaySpanishIris Pagá
Willard, Frances E. School - 5440MondaySpanishJohn
Willard, Frances E. School - 5440FridaySpanishJohn
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120MondayMandarinLiru
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120TuesdayArabicNawel
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120TuesdayMandarinLiru
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120ThursdayArabicNawel
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120ThursdayMandarinLiru
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120FridayMandarinLiru
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120WednesdayPortugueseIanca Santana SouzaIn-process
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120ThursdayPortugueseIanca Santana SouzaIn-process
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120TuesdaySpanishRobert
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120WednesdayVietnameseManhban
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120ThursdayBengaliAbu Amin
Wilson, Woodrow Middle School - 8120ThursdayPashto/ DariHamed
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Parent and Family Portal

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Getting your concern addressed

All families at some point have a concern that they need support resolving. The district is here to help. Here is the simple three step process that we ask families to follow:

Step 1

If your child has a problem at school, your first step is to reach out to your child’s teacher.

Step 2

If for any reason you require additional assistance after speaking with your teacher, please arrange a meeting with your principal by calling your school.

Step 3

If you require further assistance after speaking with your child’s teacher and your school’s principal, please contact the Family Engagement Liaison assigned to your school.

Advancing Education Safely Resource Hub!

School is in swing and all PreK-12th grade students are engaging in digital learning five days per week. This is an unprecedented year and we are sure you have many questions. To help you find resources about the 2020-2021 School Year, the district has created a page to act as your launchpad to district resources. Click the button below to what is available.

Contact Central Office

Call our Customer Service Hotline

Parent & Family Technology Support Hotline for those who still need a Chromebooks, Chromebook repairs/troubleshooting, and getting set up/connected

T: 215-400-4444

215-400-8480 – SHQIP
215-400-8481 – عربي
215-400-8482 – 汉语
215-400-8483 – Français
215-400-8484 – ខ្មែរ
215-400-8474 – Português
215-400-8485 – Русский
215-400-8489 – Español
215-400-8486 – Việt

* For all other languages Click Here

Contact Central Office Staff Who Can Help You

New Student Registration

The School District of Philadelphia has developed an online process allowing families to complete the Student Registration Process in a completely virtual environment.

How to Register

There are four pathways to Register:

To Register for Kindergarten

Visit the Kindergarten Registration Information page.

The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am to 5pm

Phone Number: 215-400-4290
Address: 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130
Suite 111

Find Your Neighborhood School

Using School Finder, You will immediately see a list the schools that are assigned to your home address. Simply enter your address in the requested field and click “Find”

For additional information about new student registration visit the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement.

Academic Support

The School District of Philadelphia’s goal is to deliver high-quality academic supports to all students while maintaining the health and well-being of the entire district. We recognize that while most of our students have been engaged in digital learning, students have been away from what they once knew as “school” for an extended amount of time. We have thoughtfully prepared our instructional design to address the digital learning needs of our students for the school year.

Instructional Design for 2020-2021

Learn more about academic expectations, academic supports, and digital learning for the 2020-2021 school year by clicking here.

The Office of Academic Supports

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Phone Number: 215-400-4210
Address: 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130

For general academic questions,  it is always best to start by speaking with your teacher. If you are unable to find resolution with your teacher the next step would be to speak to your school’s principal.

For additional support reach out to the Office of Academic Support Directly.

For additional information visit The Office of Academic Support’s website.

Special Education

The School District of Philadelphia provides an extensive range of educational services and supports for students with diverse needs within our schools. These services include:  Learning Support, Emotional Support, Autistic Support, Life Skills Support and Multiple Disabilities Support.

Families should contact their school’s Special Education Compliance Monitor (SPCM) if they have particular questions about the implementation of their students’ IEP, a request for an initial evaluation, or if their student is transitioning from Early Intervention Services.

The Office of Specialized Services

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Phone Number: 215-400-4170
Address: 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130
Suite 206, Portal B, Second Floor

For additional information visit The Office of Specialized Services’ website.

English Learners

Parents of students learning English should contact their English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher directly. Click here to find out how to contact you teacher. All teachers provide contact information through Google Classroom communication sent to students. It is always best to start by speaking with your ESL teacher. If you need support beyond your ESL teacher the next step would be to speak to your school’s principal.

Multilingual Curriculum & Programs

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Phone Number: 215-400-4240 (Option 1)
Email Address:
Address: 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130
Suite 251, Portal C

If you need an interpreter or feel more comfortable speaking in a language other than English you may request a call back from your school here. For additional support reach out to the Office of Multilingual Curriculum & Programs directly. 

Youth Experiencing Homelessness

If you’re a student living in emergency housing, a runaway, displaced from your housing, or a parent of a student lacking housing we can help.

The Office of Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness is here to help you obtain any assistance you might be eligible for, including education resources, transportation help, and  uniform assistance.

The Office of Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm

Phone Number: 215-400-4830
Address: 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130
Suite 111

Working Papers

The School District of Philadelphia is responsible for issuing working permits for all Philadelphia students ages 14 to 18.

The Office of Career & Technical Education has created a process that will allow minors to obtain their working papers either virtually or in person.

There are two ways to make an appointment:

The Office of Career & Technical Education

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30am or 4:30pm

Phone Number: 215-400-4130
Address: 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130
Portal C, Second Floor

Virtual Appointments

“Virtually” – Minor completes online application, Parent/Guardian signs form, emails completed and signed application to Issuing Officer, Issuing Officer sends an appointment request to minor via Google Meet to verify proof of age, and the actual Working Paper Blue Card will be mailed to minor via USPS.

In-Person Appointments

“In-Person” – At the 440 Education Center through APPOINTMENT ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00am to 2:00pm through a safe and secure process that follows COVID-19 restrictions. (Please be aware that everyone is required to wear face coverings and maintain 6-feet distance from others.)

For additional information visit The Office of Career & Technical Education’s website.

Student Records and Transcripts

The Office of Records Management offers document services and archiving of records for former students.

If you are a former student and need verification of graduation, student records, or transcripts please review the student records page for details on how to submit your request.

The Office of Records Management

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 4:00pm

Phone Number: 215-400-4780
Address: 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130
Suite 111

For additional information visit The Office of Records Management’s website.


The School District of Philadelphia’s Department of Transportation Services provides bus transportation services to more than 41,000 students via more than 2000 routes to and from 255 public schools, 123 charter schools, and more than 440 non-public schools in and around the city of Philadelphia. The Department of Transportation Services also provides more than 65,000 public TransPasses to eligible students.

The Department of Transportation Services

Office Hours: Monday – Friday:  6:30 a.m. until the last student is off the bus and home safe.

Phone Number: 215-400-4350
Address: 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130
3rd Floor

Do you need an interpreter to speak with school staff?

If you need an interpreter or you feel more comfortable speaking in language other than English, please use the Multilingual School Contact Form below. After completing  the form, your school will receive the provided information and will call you back within two (2) school days using an interpreter in your preferred language. By using this form you can receive a phone call from your school in over 240 languages and dialects.