System of Great Schools

All students have a right to a great school close to where they live.  The School District of Philadelphia is taking bold actions and making exciting steps to deliver on this promise.

 What is System of Great Schools?

We gather data from across our system to constantly assess when, where and how to (1) open new schools; (2) transform existing schools; (3) expand high-performing schools; and (4) close or merge schools to move more children into higher-performing schools across our District.

With our “System of Great Schools” (SGS), The School District of Philadelphia is creating new and improved learning options that excite, prepare, and support students. We are actively seeking dynamic new opportunities and bringing them to life for our students. And we are constantly reflecting and improving in order to make a difference.

Why a System of Great Schools?

Philadelphia is home to over 200,000 students – each of whom has unique talents, interests, and academic needs. To deliver on the right of every child to a great education, we must remain active in identifying and expanding great learning opportunities for students.  We must also act with urgency to intervene and invest in schools that are not yet meeting the needs of students.