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SEPTA & Transportation Policies

If students experiencing homelessness live at least one mile (1.0) away from the school, they are eligible to receive transportation assistance.


ECYEH provides SEPTA student day passes to students experiencing homelessness. Students are eligible for student day passes when the student is continuing in the school they attended before becoming homeless, if the school is one mile or more from the current residence.


  • The Shelter/Transitional housing provider must give the student and/or parent a letter confirming where they live and requesting transportation.
    • Students living in other homeless categories must have written confirmation/notification submitted to the transportation department on school letterhead.
  • The school counselor or person assigned by the principal will assist each student in getting a student pass.


  • For grades K-12, SEPTA student passes for homeless students are to be requested on the Compass TARS System. When creating the TAR, you are now able to attach the supporting documents instead of faxing or emailing. The code (reason) for all students experiencing homelessness is “L.” Contact the Office of Transportation, Education Center – Suite 311 for additional support.
  • Students in grades K-5 who request a transpass are required to be accompanied by a parent or chaperone who is approved by the school principal.
  • The TAR must be completed and forwarded to Transportation within 48 hours. Schools will be responsible for providing the student pass if this form is not submitted within the specified time.
  • The emergency/transitional housing providers will notify the school counselor when the student moves from the facility. If the student moves between or among emergency or transitional housing and the location is still one mile (1.0) or more from school, student passes are to be continued throughout the school year.


  • Students experiencing homelessness temporarily residing outside of Philadelphia School District boundaries are eligible for transportation but are required to have approval from the ECYEH Regional Coordinator (Al Quarles) in order to process the request.

Last modified: November 15, 2018