Teen Evolution Experience Network (TEEN)

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If you are a high school student whose living situation is in transition and you want resources and support for education, job, and life success, you’re in the right place! TEEN is a program designed to find, identify, and support high school students interested in exploring their current and future educational and career options while investing in their future.

TEEN is guided by the ECYEH staff who work with other supportive district offices and partner organizations to fight for the best interests of teens experiencing homelessness by focusing on developing education, job, and life skills that lead to independent success. We will visit high schools, emergency housing, and other locations where teens often gather, in order to inform them of the benefits of program involvement and recruit eligible teens.

TEEN Workshops

We base our programming on a TEEN Student Information Intake Form which each interested teen fills out for us. The answers help us determine as many of the students’ needs as possible. We use the information we gather to create customized workshops for the teens.

Some of the workshops include but will not be limited to:

  • SAT/ACT Prep
  • Resume Writing
  • College/Technical Education Applications
  • Interview Skills
  • Writing and Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention
  • Self-Expression through Drama
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Career Exploration

TEEN Perks

Along with workshops, the TEEN program hosts college tours, career networking events, and other field trips geared toward helping our students become future leaders and make their dreams a reality.  Stipends are available for those who attend workshops.

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