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My Mentor Monday
Post a picture of someone that helped you reach graduation and why that person was so important.

Tik Tok Tuesday
Create a tik tok dance with the song “Congratulations” by Post Malone.

Rep your post secondary swag
Post a picture with some thing that represents what you will be doing after graduation, ex: swag/t-shirt from college, military, or employer.

Throwback Thursday
Post a picture of you from freshman year and senior year.

Fashion Show Friday
Show off your style!

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Read About Our Seniors

We are extremely proud of the 2020 Senior Class. They have overcome incredible challenges and achieved outstanding success on their journeys toward graduation – we’re thrilled to introduce you to some of them!

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Senior Stories

What do you do when the odds are stacked against you? Carver HSES Senior Tahmina Akhter is an impressive example of overcoming the odds.

Dylanger Thomas

Penn Treaty graduating senior Dylanger Thomas hasn’t just overcome the odds – he’s defeated them.

“Do you know who I am?” Parkway Center City Graduating senior Faheemah Russell lets us all know what she’s made of and what she’s overcome to graduate.

Some strength is derived from outside circumstances, while some is innate.

Seniors worldwide and citywide will say this has been a challenging year. Benjamin Franklin HS senior Izaz Mahmud calls that an understatement.

Widener Memorial School senior Tracey Chan has never let her physical challenges stand in the way of her pursuing a complete high school experience.

Sometimes we’re forced to grow up too fast. Northeast senior Sara Shuaipi understands, and has taken it in stride.

LINC senior Javier Adorno is the first in his family to graduate. He’s fighting multiple battles, but quietly and courageously conquering.

Philadelphia Military Academy senior Zanett Davila is familiar with struggle, so she’s determined to create a successful life and be able to provide for her family

 Lincoln Senior Quaasha Artis possesses some valuable skills borne of her experiences and hardships.

Sometimes life can feel like a series of unfortunate events. Edison senior Terrell Bullock-Wallington knows this all too well, but credits grace for getting him through.

Seniors of the Month

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