District Employees and Finance

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Information includes: Vendor identifier and name, Activity Name, Amount of Expenditures Spent, etc. Fiscal Year starts on July 1st and ends June 30th. Calendar Year starts January 1st and ends December 31st.

Last Refreshed: Jan 2019 | Next Update: Jan 2020

Fiscal YearFile TypeFile Size
2018 Calendar YearCSV507 KB
2017 Calendar YearCSV495 KB
2016 Calendar YearCSV464 KB
2016 Fiscal YearCSV408 KB
2015 Fiscal YearCSV383 KB
2014 Fiscal YearCSV147 KB
All Available YearsZip file488 KB

These data files include information on all active employees of the School District of Philadelphia, including name, pay rate, title, and location. Note: this data does not include Charter Schools.

Last Refreshed: Apr 2019 | Next Update: Jul 2019

School YearFile TypeFile Size
SY 2018-2019Zip file1.5 MB
SY 2017-2018Zip file1.2 MB
SY 2016-2017Zip file1.5 MB
SY 2015-2016Zip file1.5 MB
SY 2014-2015Zip file1.1 MB
All Available YearsZip file7.1 MB

This provides an average daily attendance (ADA) rate for most teaching positions in a school. Almost all fully paid absences are counted, although sabbatical leave is not included. Therefore, not all absences are counted. Only those that are non-excused are counted. Source is the SDP payroll system, as archived in SDP Data Warehouse. Note: this data does not include Charter Schools.

Last Refreshed: Jun 2016 | Next Update: Apr 2019

School YearFile TypeFile Size
SY 2015-2016Excel XLSX13 KB
SY 2014-2015Text Document9 KB
SY 2013-2014Text Document8 KB
SY 2012-2013Text Document7 KB
All Available YearsZip file17 KB

Click below to download School Budgets or District Budget from fiscal year 2015.

For more information about recent District and School budgets, please visit the Office of Management & Budget.

School Budget: Last refreshed: 2019-2020 | Next Update: 2020-2021

District Budget: Last refreshed: 2014-2015 | Next Update: Discontinued

Fiscal YearBudget TypeFile TypeFile SizeAdditional Information
2020 Fiscal YearSchoolZip127 MBN/A
2019 Fiscal YearSchoolZip22 MBN/A
2015 Fiscal YearDistrictCSV92 KBData Information

Click below to download Full Time Employee (FTE) counts.

Last refreshed: 2015-2016 | Next Update: Discontinued

Fiscal YearFile TypeFile SizeAdditional Information
2014 and 2015CSV49 KBData Information

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