School Performance

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Wide-School file that includes schools results from the School Progress Report. Example Metrics include: PSSA Math Prof/Adv, Retention, Out of School Suspension, Graduate, Attendance. Use the link in the sidebar to view individual School Progress Reports.

Last Refreshed: Jan 2019 | Next Update: Jan 2020

School YearFile TypeFile SizeAdditional Information
SY 2017-2018Excel XLSX859 KBData Information
SY 2016-2017Excel XLSX736 KBData Information
SY 2015-2016Excel XLSX773 KBData Information
SY 2014-2015Excel XLSX753 KBData Information
SY 2013-2014Excel XLS643 KBData Information
SY 2013-2014 (District Level)Excel XLSX9 KBData Information
SY 2012-2013CSV389 KBData Information
SPR Year-over-YearExcel XLSX11 MBN/A
All Available YearsZip file7.0 MBN/A

Click the button below to view/download a PDF file displaying Progress Report data for all district schools. You can also view this information on our District Scorecard page. Note: this data does not include Charter Schools.

Last Refreshed: Jan 2019 | Next Update: Jan 2020

File that includes program results from the Alternative Education Progress Report. Example metrics include: Credit Accumulation, Annual Graduation, Attendance.

Last Refreshed: May 2019 | Next Update: Jun 2020

School YearFile TypeFile SizeAdditional Information
SY 2017-2018Excel XLSX74 KBData Information
SY 2016-2017Excel XLSX12 MBData Information

Performance on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) for all district schools by grade. Performance is provided as counts and percentage for Below Basic, Basic Proficient, Advanced, and Proficient/Advanced scores. The following subgroups are also provided: English Language Learner(ELL), IPE, Gender, Ethnicity, and Economically disadvantaged. Note: this data does not include Charter Schools.

Last Refreshed: Oct 2019 | Next Update: Oct 2020

This file contains counts and percentages of students who have graduated in four years and in six years by school. Figures are broken down by ELL status, IEP status, Economically Disadvantaged Status, Grade and Ethnicity. Students are attributed to the last school they attend in the four- or six-year window, which ends on September 30 of their expected graduation year. Note: this data does not include Charter Schools.

Last Refreshed: Feb 2019 | Next Update: Feb 2020

School Year9th Grade Cohort YearFile TypeFile Size
SY 2017-2018SY 2014-2015CSV104 KB
SY 2016-2017SY 2013-2014Excel XLSX127 KB
SY 2015-2016SY 2012-2013CSV103 KB
SY 2014-2015SY 2011-2012Excel XLS563 KB
SY 2013-2014SY 2010-2011Excel XLSX169 KB
SY 2012-2013SY 2009-2010Excel XLS614 KB
SY 2011-2012SY 2008-2009Excel XLS600 KB
SY 2010-2011SY 2007-2008Excel XLS595 KB
SY 2009-2010SY 2006-2007Excel XLS603 KB
All Available YearsAll 9th Grade CohortsZip file1 MB

The Average Daily Attendance (ADA) calculation aggregates the absences for all students recorded in the Student Information System (SIS) and compares them to the total number of possible attended days based on the enrollment records of each student at the school. All classifications and reasons for student absences are included in calculating the absences used to calculate ADA.

The 95% Attendance (Monthly and Yearly) files display the number and percent of enrolled students in each grade that attended at least 95% of instructional days. The 95% Attendance – Monthly is calculated cumulatively by month at the District level with June providing the number and percent for the respective school year. The 95% Attendance – Yearly is calculated cumulatively by year at the School level.
Note: this data does not include Charter Schools.

ADA: Last Refreshed: Mar 2019 | Next Update: Dec 2019

95% Attendance – Monthly: Last Refreshed: Jun 2019 | Next Update: Dec 2019

95% Attendance – Yearly: Last Refreshed: Nov 2019 | Next Update: Jan 2020

School YearAttendance TypeFile TypeFile Size
SY 2013-2014 through 2017-2018Average Daily AttendanceCSV63 KB
SY 2014-2015 through 2018-201995% Attendance - MonthlyExcel XLSX38 KB
SY 2014-2015 through 2017-201895% Attendance - YearlyExcel XLSX0.3 MB

Metrics are used to evaluate the number of students at schools with Out-of-School Suspensions (OSS). Metrics include: Total OSS, Total Students with 1 OSS, Total Students with 2 OSS, etc. Note: this data does not include Charter Schools.

Last Refreshed: Nov 2017 | Next Update: Dec 2019

School YearFile TypeFile Size
SY 2016-2017CSV6 KB
SY 2015-2016CSV6 KB
SY 2014-2015CSV5 KB
SY 2013-2014CSV5 KB
SY 2012-2013CSV6 KB
All Available YearsZip file27 KB

Serious Incidents are incidents reported to School District Police.  The Counts by Incident Type files provide the number of reported incidents at a school, by incident type. The Incident Report Details provides detailed information about the reported incidents. Moral Offenses are not included. Note: this data does not include Charter Schools.

Incident Counts: Last Refreshed: Nov 2019 | Next Update: Oct 2020

Incident Details: Last Refreshed: Nov 2019 | Next Update: Dec 2019

School YearData TypeFile TypeFile Size
SY 2018-2019Counts by Incident TypeExcel XLSX38 KB
SY 2017-2018Counts by Incident TypeExcel XLSX45 KB
SY 2016-2017Counts by Incident TypeExcel XLSX42 KB
SY 2015-2016Counts by Incident TypeExcel XLS96 KB
SY 2014-2015Counts by Incident TypeExcel XLSX99 KB
SY 2013-2014Counts by Incident TypeText Doc22 KB
SY 2012-2013Counts by Incident TypeText Doc24 KB
All Available YearsCounts by Incident TypeZip file0.4 MB
SY 2010-2011 through 2019-2020Incident Report DetailsExcel XLSX4 MB

Click on the Reporting Cycle below to download a Zip folder that contains National Student Clearinghouse Student Tracker Reports for individual schools and the District as a whole. These reports contain data on student post-secondary enrollment, persistence, and graduation.

Please use our School NSC Code Crosswalk to identify the NSC code for the school report and year you want to view. The NSC code is found in the third component of each report file name, after “HS”. For example a report for the school with NSC code 392779 will appear as follows: “4218990hs_10000345_HS392779…”

The District does not share student academic or demographic information with the NSC. Therefore, the NSC is unable to generate many of the subgroup analyses contained in the Academic and Demographic reports (i.e., these report types are mostly left blank).

Last Refreshed: Nov 2019 | Next Update: Apr 2020

Reporting YearH.S. Class of:Fall ReportsSpring ReportsSummer Reports
2019-20202012 through 2019November 2019N/AN/A
2018-20192011 through 2018November 2018April 2019August 2019
2017-20182010 through 2017November 2017N/AAugust 2018
2016-20172009 through 2016November 2016April 2017August 2017
2015-20162008 through 2015N/AN/AAugust 2016
2014-20152007 through 2014November 2014April 2015August 2015

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