Available SPREE Reports

Below is a link to all available School Progress Reports on Education and Equity (SPREEs) for the 2020-2021 school year. Schools denoted with an asterisk (*) receive multiple SPREE reports.

In order to locate the SPREE for a specific school, please type the school name into the search box at the top right of the table. You can also search for specific School IDs, filter by Report Type, and sort the table by clicking on any of the column headers.

IDSchool NameReport TypeCurrent Learning NetworkCity Council DistrictSY 2020-2021
1010John Bartram High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 22020-2021
1020West Philadelphia High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 32020-2021
1030High School of the FutureHSInnovationDistrict 42020-2021
1050Paul Robeson High School for Human ServicesHSNetwork 1District 32020-2021
1100William L. Sayre High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 32020-2021
1130William T. Tilden SchoolK8Network 10District 22020-2021
1190Motivation High SchoolHSNetwork 1District 32020-2021
1200John Barry SchoolK8Network 5District 42020-2021
1230William C. Bryant SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 32020-2021
1250Joseph W. Catharine SchoolK8Network 12District 22020-2021
1260Benjamin B. Comegys SchoolK8Network 12District 32020-2021
1280Sadie Alexander SchoolK8Network 2District 32020-2021
1290Andrew Hamilton SchoolK8Network 2District 32020-2021
1300Avery D. Harrington SchoolK8Network 12District 32020-2021
1340Henry C. Lea SchoolK8Network 2District 32020-2021
1350William C. Longstreth SchoolK8Network 10District 32020-2021
1360Morton McMichael SchoolK8Network 5District 32020-2021
1370S. Weir Mitchell SchoolK8Network 5District 32020-2021
1380Thomas G. Morton SchoolK8Network 11District 22020-2021
1390Samuel Powel SchoolK8Network 2District 32020-2021
1400John M. Patterson SchoolK8Network 10District 22020-2021
1410James Rhoads SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 32020-2021
1420Martha Washington SchoolK8Network 2District 32020-2021
1440Penrose SchoolK8Network 10District 22020-2021
1460Add B. Anderson SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 32020-2021
1470Alain Locke SchoolK8Network 2District 32020-2021
1490Rudolph Blankenburg SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 42020-2021
1580Middle Years Alternative SchoolK8Network 2District 32020-2021
2000South Philadelphia High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 12020-2021
2010Benjamin Franklin High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 52020-2021
2020High School for Creative and Performing ArtsHSNetwork 1District 22020-2021
2050Science Leadership Academy Middle SchoolK8InnovationDistrict 32020-2021
2140Julia R. Masterman School*HSNetwork 1District 52020-2021
2140Julia R. Masterman School*K8Network 1District 52020-2021
2160Furness High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 12020-2021
2190D. Newlin Fell SchoolK8Network 10District 22020-2021
2210Bache-Martin SchoolK8Network 12District 52020-2021
2240F. Amedee Bregy SchoolK8Network 2District 22020-2021
2260George W. Childs SchoolK8Network 10District 22020-2021
2290Franklin Learning CenterHSNetwork 1District 52020-2021
2320Stephen Girard SchoolK8Network 2District 22020-2021
2340General George A. McCall SchoolK8Network 3District 12020-2021
2370Delaplaine McDaniel SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 22020-2021
2380William M. Meredith SchoolK8Network 3District 12020-2021
2390Robert Morris SchoolK8Network 3District 52020-2021
2410Girard Academic Music Program*HSNetwork 1District 22020-2021
2410Girard Academic Music Program*K8Network 1District 22020-2021
2450Edwin M. Stanton SchoolK8Network 10District 22020-2021
2470Albert M. Greenfield SchoolK8Network 3District 22020-2021
2480Chester A. Arthur SchoolK8Network 10District 22020-2021
2490Laura W. Waring SchoolK8Network 3District 52020-2021
2510Andrew Jackson SchoolK8Network 10District 12020-2021
2520Abram S. Jenks SchoolK8Network 10District 12020-2021
2540Francis S. Key SchoolK8Network 10District 12020-2021
2580Eliza B. Kirkbride SchoolK8Network 10District 12020-2021
2590George W. Nebinger SchoolK8Network 3District 12020-2021
2620Academy at PalumboHSNetwork 1District 22020-2021
2630George W. Sharswood SchoolK8Network 10District 12020-2021
2640Southwark SchoolK8Network 10District 12020-2021
2650Science Leadership AcademyHSInnovationDistrict 52020-2021
2670Constitution High SchoolHSNetwork 1District 12020-2021
2680The Science Leadership Academy at Beeber*HSInnovationDistrict 42020-2021
2680The Science Leadership Academy at Beeber*K8InnovationDistrict 42020-2021
2690John H. Taggart SchoolK8Network 3District 12020-2021
2720Vare-Washington SchoolK8Network 3District 12020-2021
3301Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3301Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3302Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 42020-2021
3306Christopher Columbus Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3307Eugenio Maria De Hostos Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 92020-2021
3308Inquiry Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3309Imhotep Institute Charter High SchoolHSChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3310Laboratory Charter School of Communication and LanguagesK8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3312Multicultural Academy Charter SchoolHSChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3313Preparatory Charter School of Mathematics, Science, Technology and CareersHSChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3314West Oak Lane Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 92020-2021
3315Alliance For Progress Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3318Freire Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3318Freire Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3321Math, Civics and Sciences Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3321Math, Civics and Sciences Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3322Philadelphia Academy Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 102020-2021
3322Philadelphia Academy Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 102020-2021
3323Mastery Charter School at Hardy Williams*HSChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3323Mastery Charter School at Hardy Williams*K8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3326Universal Institute Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3328Mathematics, Science, and Technology Community Charter School (MaST)*K8ChartersDistrict 102020-2021
3328Mathematics, Science, and Technology Community Charter School (MaST)*HSChartersDistrict 102020-2021
3329Young Scholars Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3331Franklin Towne Charter High SchoolHSChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3332Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3332Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3333Esperanza Academy Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3333Esperanza Academy Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3334New Foundations Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3334New Foundations Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3335People for People Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3335People for People Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3336Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3336Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3337Global Leadership Academy Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 42020-2021
3341Independence Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3353KIPP DuBois Charter SchoolHSChartersDistrict 42020-2021
3358Philadelphia Electrical and Technology Charter SchoolHSChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3359Richard Allen Preparatory Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3360Russell Byers Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3361Mastery Charter School at Lenfest*HSChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3361Mastery Charter School at Lenfest*K8ChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3362Wissahickon Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 42020-2021
3364First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3364First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3365Green Woods Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 42020-2021
3366Maritime Academy Charter School (MACHS)*HSChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3366Maritime Academy Charter School (MACHS)*K8ChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3368Belmont Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3368Belmont Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3370KIPP Philadelphia Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3372Discovery Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 42020-2021
3378Philadelphia Montessori Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3379Ad Prima Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 42020-2021
3383Mastery Charter School at Shoemaker*HSChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3383Mastery Charter School at Shoemaker*K8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3384Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3385Mastery Charter School at Thomas Campus*K8ChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3385Mastery Charter School at Thomas Campus*HSChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3386Northwood Academy Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3388Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3388Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3389Keystone Academy Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3392Southwest Leadership Academy Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3393Mastery Charter School at Pickett*HSChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3393Mastery Charter School at Pickett*K8ChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3394Pan American Academy Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3395Antonia Pantoja Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3396KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory Charter SchoolK8ClosedDistrict 32020-2021
3399Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3399Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3403Franklin Towne Charter Elementary SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3404Tacony Academy Charter School*HSChartersDistrict 102020-2021
3404Tacony Academy Charter School*K8ChartersDistrict 102020-2021
3407Mastery Charter School at HarrityK8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3408Mastery Charter School at MannK8ChartersDistrict 42020-2021
3409Mastery Charter School at SmedleyK8ChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3412Mastery Charter School at DouglassK8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3415Mastery Charter School at ClymerK8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3416Mastery Charter School at Gratz*HSChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3416Mastery Charter School at Gratz*K8ChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3417Universal Charter School at AudenriedHSChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3418Universal Charter School at VareK8ChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3419Lindley Academy Charter at BirneyK8ChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3420Mastery Charter School at ClevelandK8ChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3421Universal Charter School at CreightonK8ChartersDistrict 92020-2021
3422The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and SciencesK8ChartersDistrict 72020-2021
3423Memphis Street Academy Charter School at J.P. JonesK8ChartersDistrict 12020-2021
3424Universal Charter School at AlcornK8ChartersDistrict 22020-2021
3426Mastery Charter School at PastoriusK8ChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3427Mastery Charter School at WisterK8ChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3428Global Leadership Academy at HueyK8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3437KIPP North Philadelphia Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3438Deep Roots Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3439Mastery Prep Elementary Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 82020-2021
3440MaST Community Charter School II*HSChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3440MaST Community Charter School II*K8ChartersDistrict 62020-2021
3441TECH Freire Charter SchoolHSChartersDistrict 52020-2021
3442Independence Charter School WestK8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3443KIPP West Philadelphia Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 32020-2021
3445MAST III Charter SchoolK8ChartersDistrict 102020-2021
3446Philadelphia Hebrew CharterK8ChartersDistrict 42020-2021
4020Overbrook High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 42020-2021
4030High School of Engineering and Science*K8Network 1District 52020-2021
4030High School of Engineering and Science*HSNetwork 1District 52020-2021
4060Murrell Dobbins Career and Technical High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 52020-2021
4140Strawberry Mansion High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 52020-2021
4220James G. Blaine SchoolK8Network 11District 52020-2021
4240Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus SchoolK8Network 2District 42020-2021
4270William Dick SchoolK8Network 11District 52020-2021
4280Samuel Gompers SchoolK8Network 2District 42020-2021
4300Edward Heston SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 32020-2021
4320Robert E. Lamberton SchoolK8Network 2District 42020-2021
4350E. Washington Rhodes SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 42020-2021
4360Kenderton Elementary SchoolK8Network 11District 82020-2021
4370Overbrook Elementary SchoolK8Network 2District 42020-2021
4380Thomas M. Peirce SchoolK8Network 11District 82020-2021
4440Dr. Ethel Allen SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 52020-2021
4460Tanner G. Duckrey SchoolK8Network 11District 52020-2021
4470Richard R. Wright SchoolK8Network 11District 52020-2021
4480Overbrook Educational CenterK8Network 2District 42020-2021
4530Edward Gideon SchoolK8Network 11District 52020-2021
4560William D. Kelley SchoolK8Network 11District 52020-2021
4570General George G. Meade SchoolK8Network 3District 52020-2021
5020Thomas A. Edison High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 72020-2021
5050Philadelphia Military AcademyHSInnovationDistrict 52020-2021
5060Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 12020-2021
5070Parkway Northwest High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 92020-2021
5080Parkway Center City Middle College High SchoolHSNetwork 1District 52020-2021
5090Parkway West High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 32020-2021
5150William W. Bodine High SchoolHSNetwork 1District 52020-2021
5160Penn Treaty High School*K8InnovationDistrict 52020-2021
5160Penn Treaty High School*HSInnovationDistrict 52020-2021
5170Julia de Burgos SchoolK8Network 3District 72020-2021
5180Vaux High School: A Big PictureHSInnovationDistrict 52020-2021
5200Alexander Adaire SchoolK8Network 3District 52020-2021
5210Henry A. Brown SchoolK8Network 5District 12020-2021
5230Russell H. Conwell SchoolK8Network 9District 72020-2021
5250Paul L. Dunbar SchoolK8Network 5District 52020-2021
5260Lewis Elkin SchoolK8Network 11District 72020-2021
5300Horatio B. Hackett SchoolK8Network 5District 12020-2021
5320John F. Hartranft SchoolK8Network 5District 52020-2021
5330William H. Hunter SchoolK8Network 5District 72020-2021
5340James R. Ludlow SchoolK8Network 3District 52020-2021
5350William McKinley SchoolK8Network 12District 72020-2021
5370John Moffet SchoolK8Network 3District 72020-2021
5390Potter-Thomas SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 72020-2021
5400Richmond SchoolK8Network 5District 12020-2021
5410Isaac A. Sheppard SchoolK8Network 3District 72020-2021
5420John Welsh SchoolK8Network 5District 72020-2021
5430Alternative Middle Years at James MartinK8Network 12District 62020-2021
5440Frances E. Willard SchoolK8Network 5District 12020-2021
5470William Cramp SchoolK8Network 11District 72020-2021
5480General Philip Kearny SchoolK8Network 3District 52020-2021
5490Cayuga SchoolK8Network 11District 72020-2021
5500Thurgood Marshall SchoolK8Network 7District 82020-2021
5520Kensington High School for Creative and Performing ArtsHSNetwork 4District 72020-2021
5530Philip H. Sheridan SchoolK8Network 5District 72020-2021
5550Kensington Health Sciences AcademyHSNetwork 4District 12020-2021
5560Spring Garden SchoolK8Network 3District 52020-2021
5590John H. Webster SchoolK8Network 5District 12020-2021
5610Building 21HSInnovationDistrict 92020-2021
5620The U SchoolHSInnovationDistrict 52020-2021
5660The LINCHSInnovationDistrict 72020-2021
5680Honorable Luis Munoz-Marin SchoolK8Network 5District 72020-2021
5700Kensington High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 12020-2021
6010Central High SchoolHSNetwork 1District 82020-2021
6030Roxborough High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 42020-2021
6040Walter B. Saul High SchoolHSNetwork 1District 42020-2021
6050Philadelphia High School for GirlsHSNetwork 1District 82020-2021
6060Martin Luther King High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 82020-2021
6090A. Philip Randolph Career and Technical High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 42020-2021
6200Anna B. Day SchoolK8Network 12District 82020-2021
6210Franklin S. Edmonds SchoolK8Network 6District 92020-2021
6220Eleanor C. Emlen SchoolK8Network 6District 82020-2021
6230Fitler Academics Plus SchoolK8Network 6District 82020-2021
6250Charles W. Henry SchoolK8Network 6District 82020-2021
6260Henry H. Houston SchoolK8Network 6District 82020-2021
6270Jenks Academy for Arts and SciencesK8Network 6District 82020-2021
6300James Logan SchoolK8Network 6District 82020-2021
6310John F. McCloskey SchoolK8Network 6District 92020-2021
6320Thomas Mifflin SchoolK8Network 6District 42020-2021
6340Joseph Pennell SchoolK8Network 7District 82020-2021
6350Samuel Pennypacker SchoolK8Network 6District 92020-2021
6360Theodore Roosevelt SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 82020-2021
6380Shawmont SchoolK8Network 6District 42020-2021
6390Edward T. Steel SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 82020-2021
6410Cook-Wissahickon SchoolK8Network 6District 42020-2021
6440Anna L. Lingelbach SchoolK8Network 6District 82020-2021
6450James Dobson SchoolK8Network 6District 42020-2021
6460Hill-Freedman World Academy*K8Network 1District 82020-2021
6460Hill-Freedman World Academy*HSNetwork 1District 82020-2021
6470John B. Kelly SchoolK8Network 6District 82020-2021
6480Academy for the Middle Years at NorthwestK8Network 6District 42020-2021
6540Lankenau High SchoolHSNetwork 1District 42020-2021
7010Frankford High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 72020-2021
7100Jay Cooke SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 82020-2021
7110Warren G. Harding SchoolK8Network 8District 72020-2021
7120Samuel Fels High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 92020-2021
7130General Louis Wagner SchoolK8Network 12District 82020-2021
7150Juniata Park AcademyK8Network 5District 72020-2021
7200Clara Barton SchoolK8Network 7District 72020-2021
7220Laura H. Carnell SchoolK8Network 9District 92020-2021
7260Ellwood SchoolK8Network 7District 92020-2021
7270Thomas K. Finletter SchoolK8Network 7District 92020-2021
7280Benjamin Franklin SchoolK8Network 7District 92020-2021
7290Allen M. Stearne SchoolK8Network 9District 72020-2021
7300Francis Hopkinson SchoolK8Network 5District 72020-2021
7310Feltonville Intermediate SchoolK8Network 7District 72020-2021
7320Julia W. Howe SchoolK8Network 7District 92020-2021
7330Henry W. Lawton SchoolK8Network 9District 62020-2021
7350James R. Lowell SchoolK8Network 7District 92020-2021
7360John Marshall SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 72020-2021
7370Grover Washington, Jr. SchoolK8Network 12District 92020-2021
7380Alexander K. McClure SchoolK8Network 11District 72020-2021
7390Andrew J. Morrison SchoolK8Network 7District 82020-2021
7400Olney SchoolK8Network 7District 92020-2021
7430James J. Sullivan SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 62020-2021
7440Bayard Taylor SchoolK8Network 11District 72020-2021
7460William H. Ziegler SchoolK8Network 9District 72020-2021
7470Bridesburg SchoolK8Network 9District 62020-2021
7490Prince Hall SchoolK8Network 7District 82020-2021
7500Feltonville School of Arts and SciencesK8Network 7District 72020-2021
7510Mary M. Bethune SchoolK8Network 11District 52020-2021
7530William Rowen SchoolK8Network 7District 92020-2021
7730Roberto Clemente SchoolK8AccelerationDistrict 72020-2021
8010Abraham Lincoln High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 62020-2021
8020Northeast High SchoolHSNetwork 1District 102020-2021
8030George Washington High SchoolHSNetwork 4District 102020-2021
8040Arts Academy at Benjamin RushHSNetwork 1District 102020-2021
8090Swenson Arts and Technology High SchoolHSNetwork 13District 102020-2021
8120Woodrow Wilson SchoolK8Network 8District 92020-2021
8140Austin Meehan SchoolK8Network 12District 62020-2021
8160Baldi SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8200Ethan Allen SchoolK8Network 9District 62020-2021
8210Joseph H. Brown SchoolK8Network 9District 62020-2021
8230Kennedy C. Crossan SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8240Hamilton Disston SchoolK8Network 9District 62020-2021
8250Edwin Forrest SchoolK8Network 12District 62020-2021
8260Fox Chase SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8270Thomas Holme SchoolK8Network 9District 62020-2021
8300Mayfair SchoolK8Network 9District 62020-2021
8310J. Hampton Moore SchoolK8Network 8District 92020-2021
8340Solomon Solis-Cohen SchoolK8Network 8District 62020-2021
8350Gilbert Spruance SchoolK8Network 9District 72020-2021
8360Rhawnhurst SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8370Watson Comly SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8380Louis H. Farrell SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8390A.L. Fitzpatrick SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8400Anne Frank SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8410Robert B. Pollock SchoolK8Network 9District 62020-2021
8420Stephen Decatur SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8430Joseph Greenberg SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8440William H. Loesche SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021
8560The Workshop SchoolHSInnovationDistrict 32020-2021
8770John Hancock Demonstration SchoolK8Network 8District 102020-2021

If you have any questions or require additional information regarding the School Progress Report, please contact us at performanceframework@philasd.org.